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Aug 3, 2012 >> G&F IN TOWN: We catch up with media mogul Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny Frankel is no stranger when it comes to major attention. With over four national TV shows under her belt, a booming business and Bryn, her bundle of pure joy, she’s a pro at working the crowd and still managing to stand straight on her sky high pink heels. G&F contributing writer Annie Del Walsh bellied up to the velvet rope on the red carpet of Michigan Avenue┬ámagazine’s event with the mag’s summer issue cover girl. Here’s what the mile-a-minute, do-it-all personality had to say.

Q: You’re a successful entrepreneur, author, mother, wife, and now TV host. What advice would you give for those starting their professional careers?
A: Don’t be too hard on yourself. Where you imagine yourself in 15 years may not be what you expected or it may. You just never know where your experiences with take you: when I was in my 20’s, I took a bar-tending class and now I have my own liquor line.

Q: What 3 products are always in your purse?
A: Skinnygirl Daily Cleanse packet, floss harp, Evian mister and lip gloss.

Q: That’s four! But we’ll let it slide.
A: Phew!

Q: We love your style. Who do you dress for? Men, women, media, or yourself?
A: I dress for myself and also for the event. But it really depends on the event. I went to a studio 54 party and I dressed in that style.

Q: When we told our readers that we were interviewing you, they all brought up Bryn. What is her favorite store to shop with Mommy at?
A: She’s happy anywhere! She likes Target and Walmart and she’s only 2. Now she loves the supermarket because she has her own push cart.
ABOVE // G&F writer Annie Del Walsh and Bethenny. B&W photo of Bethenny courtesy of Michigan Avenue magazine.
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