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Aug 16, 2012 >> Brush up! We’ve got Sigma Beauty’s top picks to build your Beauty brush wardrobe

This week in Spotlight, we’ve introduced you to Sigma Beauty founder Simone Xavier. The brand, which prides itself on high quality beauty products at unbelievable prices, is known for their well-stocked range of beauty tools. We fell in love with the brushes so we asked Sigma make up artist Amanda Williams to build the perfect brush wardrobe for us. From the top down, here’s what she recommends.

P86: A synthetic brush with fibers exclusive to Sigma called Sigmax, this brush features a small tapered head to apply concealer. A great must have for any makeup bag because it fits all contours of the face and gives a beautiful, blended finish to any kind of face makeup.

F70: An excellent brush for any kind of product for face or eyes, cream or powders. One way to use this brush is to apply eye shadow; it gives firm control so it’s great for keeping color where you want it. A very versatile brush.

E65: Great for applying a multitude of products as eye liner. Use with gel, cream, or powder products to get right in to the lash line for a crisp line that is easy to apply.

E45: A tapered blending brush with a nicely pointed tip, excellent for applying dark colors in the crease of the eye. Use a back and forth motion for a blended effect without color falling all over the eye and face.

F88: Also a Sigmax fiber brush, this brush is excellent for applying foundation to the face on all areas, especially and including, hard to reach areas of the face. The softness of the fibers blends very easily and smoothly on the skin without leaving any hairs behind. Gives a flawless, professional finish.

E25: This brush is great for blending out color and applying highlight colors under the eyebrows. Use it to soften any look or to fade colors together.

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