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Jul 31, 2012 >> Arm yourself with G&F’s beauty picks for Lollapalooza

Lollapalooza is this weekend. We’re going to say something slightly blasphemous: we have a sort of love-hate relationship with the music festival. We love the music. But being outdoors for three days straight leaves us a little lackluster in the beauty department by the afternoon of the first day. So before you step foot inside Grant Park, take a peek at G&F’s Beauty Guide to Lollapalooza to help you find the perfect products to maximize your fun in the sun.

Let’s go over two very important G&F beauty basics. One: Sunscreen is a must. Not a product girl? Try layering your perfume or an scented oil with your unscented sunscreen to provide protection and a smooth, subtle fragrance. No one likes a sweaty girl who wears a ton of perfume. Number two: vaseline is an outdoor festival gal’s dream come true. Keep eyebrows in place. Dab a little on your eyelids for a dewey glow. Lock moisture into the lips. Apply some to the apples of your cheeks for a midday lift. It’s an all-purpose product that can be used to keep you looking fresh throughout the day.

ONE >> Face Stolkholm Nail Polish in ‘pinched cheeks’, $10, at J. Crew
This color rocks. Period.

TWO >> Rouge Pur Couture in ‘Corail Legende’, $32, by YSL
One of six new colors in the collection, YSL Corail Legende is an intense hue that is as saturated on your lip as it is in the tube. And oh, what a tube. Did we mention that YSL lipsticks provide ultimate moisture and SPF 15? Two of the most important things if you’re outside all day.

THREE >> Blush in ‘prime time’, $12, by TopShop
Alright, we’re hitting you with a lot of color right now, so if you’re not a lipstick girl, a simple way to add a little dash of life is to the cheeks. We’re in love with TopShop’s prime time blush. It’s a happy pink that will give the illusion of hot, flushed cheeks without having hot, flushed cheeks.

FOUR >> Eyes Right mascara, $18.95, by Lush
Recently, Lush released brand new products in their range. We fell in love with the mascara. And so did Lush product trainer Erica Vega. This gentle mascara is easy on the eyes and contains Carnauba waxes to help the color set and thicken so it will stay where you put it.

FIVE >> Great Lash Waterproof Mascara in blackest black, $6.40, by Maybelline
If you like to pile on your mascara, then we recommend something a little different—the tried and true Maybelline Great Lash. This waterproof formula is indestructible. And during Lolla, you never know when the skies will suddenly open up or you’ll be overcome with tears of joy from hearing your favorite song.

SIX >> Fresh.Hair Dry Shampoo, $25, by Kevin Murphy
The key to good Lolla hair is to not wash it. But the key to good Lolla etiquette is to not smell like you haven’t bathed. So we’ve tried multiple dry shampoos for you and the one that we love is Kevin Murphy’s Fresh.Hair. This doesn’t just clean, it also provides body and texture and a subtle scent that will cover up even the most dedicated festival lover smell.

SEVEN >> Silky Underwear Dusting Powder, $6.95, by Lush
Take it from the pro’s: “Such a lifesaver when it gets sticky outside. This is a lovely dusting powder made with jasmine and cocoa butter, just sprinkle a little bit of this on before you get dressed and you’ll stay silky and sensual all day long,” says Lush product trainer Erica Vega. This is a festival must!

EIGHT >> Lemon Towlettes, $12, by Herban Essentials
Refreshing and easy to carry, these moist towelettes are not only a chic accessory but also incredible useful for a quick pick-me-up throughout the day.

NINE >> La Jolla Plastic Oversized Cat Eye sunglasses, $12, at 80s Purple
We’re not sure if you’re like us, but we don’t trust ourselves with expensive sunglasses. Especially when we’re prone to have a beer in one hand and dance wildly on the lawn. The solution? Find cheap sunglasses that look good. Not only will they provide some extra protection for your face and eyes, but these fun crystal frames come in a variety of colors to amp up your style.

TEN >> De-slick Mattifying Powder, $32, by Urban Decay
Keep the shine away with this simple matte powder. Apply a few dabs with your fingers to the trouble areas to absorb any oils that might distract from an otherwise awesome instagram photo.

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