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Jun 29, 2012 >> Summer Essentials: D. Graham Kostic

D. Graham Kostic, the creative force behind Glossed & Found, pulled together his favorite sidekicks to hit the beach with him for this week’s Summer Fashion shoot. And now, he’s sharing his favorite summer finds for a bright, colorful season. A very bright and very colorful season, indeed!

ONE >> Jack Spade Dipped Industrial Coal Bag
This ready-for-anything tote bag goes everywhere with me. I love the bright, bold orange and don’t even get me started on Canvas.

TWO >> Neon Field Notes 3-pack
I’m addicted to little notepads—which quickly get filled up with doodles of mermaids and such—and this jolt of color for these pocket-sized graph paper pads puts me in the best mood.

THREE >> Tivoli Songbook
Can you tell I like bright colors? This yellow rubber-wrapped radio is perfect for a picnic, the beach or BBQ.

FOUR >> Brera Classico Watch
I love this watch. Period. I love the rose gold which reminds me of a lazy Italian summer afternoon. And I really love the bright, blue hands. That pop of color is so subtle but so good.

FIVE >> Jack Spade Googly Eyes iPhone Case
I have the black version, but this cobalt blue makes me go goo-goo for the googly eyes!

SIX >> Space Dog Piñata 
I mean… do I even need to tell you why I love this? A space dog piñata? This will surely knock your Summer deck party out of this world.

SEVEN >> Cynthia Rowley + Bandaid Beach Sport Kit
Again, I’m a sucker for color. And this collaboration makes me want to go out and skin my knees just to be able to use one. The seashorse first, please! And then the jellyfish next.

EIGHT >> Ban de Soleil Orange Gelee
The smell of this reminds me of wild summer afternoons when my dad would wash the cars and fill up an empty bucket with freezing cold water for me to stand in and watch. Good memories. Good coverage. Just plain good.

There’s a whole lot more Summer Fashion to be seen in this week’s Summer Fashion Editorial.