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May 2, 2012 >> Hair artist Chrisondra Boyd gives us the 4-1-1 on her favorite Spring looks

This past week, we’ve been talking about the Make Up looks for Spring, but haven’t even talked about Hair. Shame on us! Well, we heard you, dear Glossed & Found-ers!, and we’re giving you some trade secrets compliments of Chrisondra Boyd, the fabulous Ford artist who was on set with us for our Spring Fashion and Beauty Preview editorial.

Chrisondra weighs in on her favorite looks from the shoot—the Beachy Wave, the Messy Bun and the Classic Wave on The G&F Blog. And she shares her three must-have products for producing killer hair 24/7.

BEACHY WAVE >> Make 1 inch sections, wrap the hair around your curling iron barrel, hold for 5 seconds and let the curls slide off the iron. If the curl is too tight, gently pull the curl down with your fingers while it’s still warm. Alternate  each section curling some forward pieces & some backwards.

Spray Elnett Extra Hold Hairspray on each section for hold. Then, before fingering through the curls spray a generous amount of Pssssssst Dry Shampoo all over the hair. For volume & more texture: flip hair up side down & shake it out. Add Aquage Paste for texture on the ends of hair. Finish with Davines Oil Treatment for smoothing fly aways

MESSY BUN >> Pull all hair up into a pony tail. Part the pony tail into two sections and wrap the sections around making it a two strand twist. Secure it with a rubber band. Wrap the now twisted pony tail around to make a bun and secure it with a bobby pin. Adjust the bun to your liking & continue to secure it with bobby pins, & letting all loose hair fall out.

Finish with Elnett Extra Hold Hairspray for unwanted fly aways.

CLASSIC WAVE >>Curl and pin 1-2 inch sections over the entire head. Once all hair is curled, apply hair spray before taking out the clips in the curls. Take a bristol brush & lightly brush all the curls back. Part the hair how you’d like it to be styled, then brush down on the sides to where you can start to see the waves. The ends can be tucked up or left out to remain curly.

Spray hair with Elnett Extra Hold Hairspray placing any fly aways or shortened hair. And then apply Davines oil treatment to smooth & finish the hair style