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Apr 2, 2012 >> Jean Queen Mallory Ulaszek weighs in on her favorite Spring Denim Trends

Talk about good jeans, Mallory Ulaszek of Cityblue has ’em. In a variety of cuts and colors. G&F’s Corri McFadden went to visit the Jean Queen’s shop to chat with Gilt Groupe’s Editorial Director Melissa Liebling-Goldberg to gear up for Gilt City Chicago’s Cityblue offer (get it while it’s hot today!). And with the new CB location in Lake Forest opening today, that’s two chances to bulk up your Spring wardrobe.

We reached out to Mallory to give us the skinny on her favorite pairs and how she’d wear them. Snag her style tips below and visit for a little deal to get these pairs in your closet this Spring.

DL 1961’s Angel jean in Key Lime, $158, Joie’s Nicosia blouse in Canary, $184, Holst + Lee’s C-Six Collar in Azul, $345.

MALLORY ON COLOR >> Spring has brought forth beautiful cuts in every color. Stay away from super short shorts, as this trend is best displayed as a statement piece. Dressing these up for work or play is easy, as a lot of brands use non-denim fabrics. Simply pair with any easy silk or cotton top, even button downs, and a neutral jacket with complementary jewelry.  Colored straights look more tailored and chic than their skinny-legged counterparts.

Citizens of Humanity’s Mandy jean in Petit Rose, $190, Joie’s Mystic blouse in Spearmint, $198, and Jules’ Cervical Spinal Fusion 2.0 necklace, $154.

MALLORY ON PATTERN >> Just about anyone (with some guts!) can pull off the Pattern trend if you remember a few guidelines. First, pick patterns with a darker dominating color.  Some brands have used pop colors, while Citizens of Humanity used a denim indigo for their print background. By incorporating other neutrals, the pant flatters more body types. Also, go for these in a crop, or have them tailored to be a crop. It is a busy fabric, but less is more. With a great sandal, it’s fun for spring!  (And it’s sticking around for fall…)


Mother’s The Runway jean in Flowers from the Storm, $196, and Aiko’s Kelli top in Lemon and Ivory, $195, and CC Skye’s Annie Hall bag in Saddle Brown, $350.

MALLORY ON SKINNIES >> The skinny is here to stay. Everyone is wary stepping into their first pair. The idea stuck in women’s heads is that the tightness of the jean is unflattering. In actuality, it elongates and compliment ones figure, curvy or not. Stay away from the cigarette styles, with cling to ankles, if you want to help show off curves. Keep a slight leg opening (just shy of a straight leg), and the effect will balance any concerns and elongate legs. They’re easiest purchased in a deep and simple indigo with minimal markings and are a staple for anyone’s closet.

Visit Cityblue Denim & Apparel, 1444 N. Wells, Chicago and CB, 662 N. Western Avenue, Lake Forest.