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Apr 18, 2012 >> In Town: Cynthia Rowley gets personal before her Windy City Tour-de-Force

It’s a good week to be Cynthia Rowley. One of our favorite designers (and favorite past G&F guest) pops into the city to kick up her heels in honor of the 2012 School of the Art Institute Legend of Fashion Award. We catch up with the before she touches down for her Windy City whirlwind tour.

Q: It’s a big week for you! Party-hoppin’ and accepting awards! How does it feel to have the SAIC Legend of Fashion Award given to you? Have you written an acceptance speech on a paper napkin?!
A: I get so many awards I just use the same speech over and over again and just change the name. Just Kidding!

Q: Knowing what you know now, what is the one piece of advice that you could have given to yourself as a young designer?
A: It’s a life sentence. No parole.


Q: You’ve spent a good amount of time in Chicago and have two charming stores here, what is it about Chicago that draws you in?
A: I have spent a good amount of time in Chicago….like the first 20 years of my life. Chicago is a town that just keeps getting better and better every time I visit. There’s more to see, more to do. It’s a city with a great history but also the coolest, up to the minute cultural scene.


Q: Any must-stop places you have to see while you’re in town?
A: Besides my 2 charming stores?? My hubby and kids will be with me so everything old is new for them.


Q: We love your partner-in-crime for the week, Paper Magazine’s Mickey Boardman. Is he always that happy?
A: It’s not just his clothes, he truly has a sparkling personality.


Love Cynthia? You’re in luck. Meet her tonight, Wednesday, April 18 from 6-8p at the RxArt party with co-host Paper Magazine’s Mickey Boardman at the Cynthia Rowley Bucktown store, 1653 N. Damen Avenue.