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Apr 10, 2012 >> Do you have a wine pairing with that soundtrack? Andrew Ettenhofer amps up your Dinner party

We’re fans of the dinner party (in fact, we just threw one at the Diesel boutique last week). Our motto? Details matter! We can get out the gold flatware and the vintage china. We’re totally game for stylin’ out the perfect theme. But when it comes to the wine and the music, we like to outsource to the pro’s. And now it’s even more important to get an expert opinion as the Huffington Post just ran a story about how music can affect your palette.

Meet Fig Media’s Andrew Ettenhofer, a former DJ, trained chef and an event producer. He’s taking your dinner party to the next level with these thoughtful wine/food/music pairings. Cheers!

WINE: Any pinotage from South Africa. Widely known for its smokey notes.
FOOD: Smokey fish, smoked trout or even a blackened catfish. Try with a sweeter side course to lift all that smoke like whipped sweet potatoes.
MUSIC: Guys with raspy, smokey voices. Think Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, Nike Cave.

WINE: A jammy red like Syrah or Pinot Noir.
FOOD: Pork! Tenderloins, chops, ribs! It doesn’t matter as long as it’s succulent.
MUSIC: All those playful flavors bouncing in your mouth calls for bouncy music. Anything from Passion Pit, Matt and Kim and other dance-indie bands to barrelhouse blues and boogie boogie piano.

WINE: A bright, crisp white wine from New Zealand. Try a Sauvignon Blanc.
FOOD: A light salad that doesn’t overpower but has intriguing textures and garnishes like jicama matchsticks or toasted almonds slices.
MUSIC: Clean, crisp and light. All points to a melody of female jazz vocalist: classic Ella Fitzgerald all the way to contemporary Norah Jones.

WINE: A more muddled white like a strong Viognier or over-the-top buttery chardonnay.
FOOD: Nice halibut or tilapia poached in butter, capers, and fresh herbs.
MUSIC: You’ll be in a trance with these weighty flavors, so let’s move to a more mellow beat like trip-hop artists (Portishead or Morcheeba) or laid-back IDM stuff (Fourtet or The Field).

Andrew is a senior producer at Fig Media where he oversees great parties and awesome talent.