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Mar 12, 2012 >> We’re Clowning Around with CircEsteem

Step right up! CircEsteem is not your average clown college. While it does offer classes in clowning—and unicycling, tight rope walking, tumbling, aerial arts and more—its main focus is helping Chicago’s youths by bringing kids from all different backgrounds together and building self esteem through fun circus arts. But the fun is not just for kids: CircEsteem’s spring session adult classes started this week, offering both aerial arts and gym wheel (a human-sized gerbil wheel to be exact!). Executive director Maribeth Joy has been with CircEsteem since 2004  (prior to that, she did makeup for Blue Man Group, among other exciting things). Here, she clowns around with G&F. 

Adult Aerial (6-7:30pm on Mondays, $200 for 8 weeks); Adult Gym Wheel (7:30-8:45 on Wednesdays, $180 for 8 weeks). Learn more at