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We’re itching to do a little Spring traveling. You too, eh? We’ve rounded up our favorite travel sites for Site Crush Monday. Bon Voyage!

THE EVERYWHERIST >> It’s not everyday that someone’s unfiltered blog about the rants and raves of travel make us giddy for more. But there is something about Geraldine DeRuiter that makes you want to keep on reading. Long story short: she got laid off from her job and decided to join her husband on his work trips. All. Over. The. World. Her familiar tone makes you feel like you’re reading the diary of your favorite older cousin who’d buy you and your friends beer in the summertime. That kind of familiar. But there is a vulnerability and self-awareness that makes her blog even that more rich. Mix that with great insider knowledge of far-off places and The Everywhereist is a winner.

DESIGNTRIPPER >> We featured Meghan McEwen, founder of DesignTripper, in our first issue of G&F. And for good reason! The charmingly simple format allows you to search easily for a potential destination and find off-the-beaten path and unique places to rest your head. We’re 100% believers that a good hotel or rental can make your trip and DesignTripper is the best bookmark to find just that.

TABLET TRAVEL GUIDES >> Recently, while planning some Spring 2012 travel (we just can’t sit still!) we stumbled across the Tablet Hotels’ Travel Guides tab. Type in your destination and it’s like a very well-informed concierge tells you where the hot spots are. Some of the “hotter” cities have a Tablet Top 10 listing their must-see places for food, culture and shopping.