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Monday got you down? Already?! Here are a few websites to take your mind off it. This week, our bookmarked faves offer a little sidetracking fun to an otherwise blah kind of day.

HEL DEL CHIC >> Two Chicago-based fashion lovers take to the streets to unveil a new fashion blog that is packing a fashionable punch. Stylist and photographer Helen Berkun (the Hel in Hel Del Chic) and part-time stylist Annie Del (the Del in Hel Del Chic) post daily musings photographing their inspiring and spot-on looks (the Chic in Hel Del Chic). There goes our morning.

Dino Photo courtesy of; Donut & Jail Photos from John Margolies: Roadside America.

ROADSIDE AMERICA >> With spring and summer travel right around the corner, don’t underestimate the classic American road trip. And thanks to the team of Roadside America, they’re helping to map out offbeat tourist attractions (we’re talking everything from the world’s smallest church to giant alien statues) to really make the most of your drive. G&F Creative & Editorial Director D. Graham Kostic put the site to the test on a recent trip, breaking up the drive to visit Lucille Ball’s grave, taxidermied frogs dressed and arranged in a circus ring and a giant Uncle Sam.

WINESTYR >> If there is one thing about the G&F team, we like to carve out time on our schedules for happy hour. Enter, a new site dedicated to telling the story of fabulous wines. Daily featured wines, curated by the Winestyr staff, connect the reader to the winery. Why we really like it? Its goal is not about daily deals, it’s about connecting people with wines and wineries that they might not find on the grocery shelf. Sign us up!

What are your favorite sites? E-mail us and let us know!