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Mar 5, 2012 >> Site Crush Monday: Chanel Makeup Confidential, Miss Renaissance & Elise Bergman

Want to know where we find our inspiration? We’re sharing some of our favorite bookmarked websites who deliver fantastic (and fun!) content. It’s the first edition of our new weekly blog series: Site Crush Monday!

Are you in l-o-v-e with a site and want to share? Send us an e-mail with your site or your favorites.

CHANEL MAKEUP CONFIDENTIAL >> Featuring exclusive video content and backstage beauty looks from the (to die for) Chanel shows, Chanel Makeup Confidential is like a playground for the iconic label. The how-to guides are incredibly informative and beautifully shot, and with easy links to buy products, it’s a breeze to build new beauty looks for Spring, check out and wait anxiously for the shipment to arrive.

MISS RENAISSANCE >> This Chicago-based photographer’s blog on all things fabulous is an easy read packed with fantastic information. From unique DIY recipes like how to glam up your biscotti to color trend stories (like the photo above), Miss Renaissance keeps it cool by being, well, just plain cool.

ELISE BERGMAN BLOG>> We’re big fans (HUGE fans, actually) of Elise Bergman. Beyond the local designer’s darling collections, her blog is a constant source of inspiration—from her recent collaborations with Suitor (pictured above), musical genius of a sister and Diet Pepsi Style Show at New York Fashion Week. If you ever wanted to take a peek behind what truly makes a talented designer tick, Elise Bergman’s blog is the place to capture the unharnessed inspiration behind all that jazz.

What are your favorite sites? E-mail us and let us know!