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Mar 5, 2012 >> Oh, Naturale! Estee Lauder Companies’ Stefanie Mohr builds the perfect skincare regimen for your big day

At G&F, our goal is to introduce you to the best of the best of the fashion and beauty industries. Enter Stefanie Mohr, Beauty & Lifestyle Expert of the Estee Lauder Companies Inc. Her vast knowledge of the beauty industry is impressive and we couldn’t help but ask her to share some of her trade secrets on how to up the ante on skincare leading up to your big day. And even if you’re not getting married, read on! The advice is universal. Naturally!

Pulling from Origins, our favorite line of high-performing natural skincare products, Stefanie builds an artillery of beauty products to prep you for your walk down the aisle.

Q: When and how does the bride-to-be start to change her skincare routine for the big day?
A: If you have great skin, then don’t change your routine too much—consistency is the key to keeping it healthy! If you’re not happy with the appearance of your skin, then you’ll want to find a regimen right away that helps you tackle your concerns. Simple tip: make sure, in the very least, to cleanse, use a serum and moisturize twice per day. And never go to bed with makeup on: a major no no! Checks & Balances™ (ONE) is brilliant. It’s a frothy face wash that balances out oiliness and dryness in skin. Starting Over™ (TWO) moisturizer is also a personal favorite. It helps rebuild collagen and improve skin texture while combating the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Finally, Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins™ Mega-Bright (THREE) skin tone correcting serum instantly brightens skin and helps to improve the radiance we crave for the big day!

Q: So now I’m starting to build my skincare ‘wardrobe.’ Let’s talk care: How long do products last? Any other tips for keeping them fresh?
A: When it comes to the life span, there are a few product categories you’ll want to be mindful of. Sunscreen is one. It’s recommended that you use anything with an SPF for no longer than twelve months, and then toss it out. Mascara is another: its typical life span is three months. Finally, self tanner has an approximate six month life span.

Q: Any tips to help keep mascara from running from all the tears of joy throughout the planning process?
A: Coming from a gal who’s walked down the aisle herself, waterproof mascara is your best friend! Find one you love—whether lengthening, thickening, volumizing—and complement it with an eye makeup remover that specifically takes off waterproof makeup. A regular makeup remover will not necessarily do the trick.

Q: Here’s a shout out to all our Budget Brides out there: what other alternatives are there if she can’t afford to purchase every single product?
A: Keep it simple. On your wedding day, the look of flawless, glowing skin is priceless. You’ll want to find an exceptional foundation and concealer, and make sure you give yourself plenty of time to find the perfect shade. A balancing foundation such as Stay Tuned™ (FOUR) can even out even the toughest combination complexions. As your big day is probably going to be a long day and because brides are notorious for not sleeping well the night before, find products with endurance. Quick, Hide!™ (FIVE) long-wearing concealer is fantastic for covering dark shadows and other flaws. It’s also heat and sweat resistant.

Q: Are there any simple, at-home remedies to try?
A: The trick to being a happy bride is keeping stress at bay, as let’s face it, planning a wedding is stressful. Once you’re engaged, once a week make a commitment to stay in and enjoy a peaceful, serene warm bath. Lock the door, light a lavender candle, fill up the tub with warm water and your favorite bubble bath and soak away. When you get out, wrap yourself in a cushy robe and massage High-Potency Night-A-Mins™ (SIX) on your face. This nighttime face cream is formulated with a handful of vitamins and minerals to replenish and renew skin while relaxing aromas help you gently drift off to dream land. And don’t forget to drink eight glasses of water per day as well—it’s the perfect skin prescription!

Q: Yikes, the wedding is a month away! What can a bride start doing immediately to help ready her skin for the big day?
A: Regardless of how much time you have left, exfoliation can improve skin tone with as little as one treatment. An exfoliator I am absolutely obsessed with is Modern Friction™ (SEVEN). It’s a gentle, creamy buffing paste that helps rejuvenate, polish and illuminate skin. And it smells amazing too, with notes of Bergamot and Peppermint. If you do one and only one thing for your skin during your engagement: exfoliation is a must!

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