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Holly Kasprisin

Mar 6, 2012 >> It’s a breeze! Holly discusses the advantages of Airbrush Makeup for your big day


When it comes to wedding makeup, many brides want to know what makes airbrush different than conventional application.

There are three different formulas when considering airbrush and each has its own purpose. Silicone, or alcohol based airbrush makeups, are the most water resistant of the three. Although an alcohol base is virtually waterproof, it isn’t appropriate for the face. Its highly pigmented formula is best used for tattoo coverage and body painting. A water based airbrush foundation, while excellent for oily skin because of it’s matte finish, is not best if you think you’ll tear up during your nuptials (and let’s face it, you’re going to tear up during your nuptials). If you need your makeup to hold up for 12+ hours, a silicone based is the way to go. It’s important to ask your artist what they use and why they feel it is the best for you.
 My personal favorite and what I have in my kit is silicone based Temptu S/B. The silicone helps to create a soft-focus effect, and it gives a healthy, youthful glow on any skin type. Not only is it appropriate for a young bride, but it is also just as flattering on more mature skin as well. It’s extremely long lasting and very water resistant. I had a bride once who came in for her trial just before a Bikram yoga class. Even after an hour and a half of doing yoga in a 98 degree room her instructor commented on how great her makeup still looked!

I also love airbrush makeup because it’s so light. It literally floats on top of your skin creating a feeling of not wearing makeup at all. Although the texture is extremely light, it is highly pigmented so you can get the desired coverage that’s appropriate for your skin.

Airbrush makeup’s ability to hide flaws in only areas that specifically need it—say a blemish, hyperpigmentation or even rosacea—makes it easy for your natural beauty to shine. Because of its seamless blending ability, an artist can focus only where it is needed and allow other parts of the skin to show through without ever showing a line of demarcation.

Temptu has excellent training videos. See and learn more at