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Mar 29, 2012 >> In Town: Project Runway Alum Rami Kashou ties the knot with Bebe

You may know Rami Kashoú as a finalist from Project Runway, but his experience in the fashion industry dates back much further—all the way to his childhood, when local socialites in his hometown outside Jerusalem would commission him to create their special event dresses. Most recently—and why we’re loving him right now—Rami has partnered with bebe to create the brand’s first-ever bridal (and bridesmaid!) line of dresses. bebe’s Oak Street location has transformied its third floor into a heavenly bridal suite, and the designer himself is coming to kick off the collab this week.

We couldn’t miss giving Rami the G&F treatment with a quickie Q&A.

Q: You’re in town to debut your bridal collection for bebe. Describe the collection in five words.
A: Romantic, Elegant, Modern, Glamorous, Dramatic.

Q: How many gowns are in the collection? Do you have a favorite?
A: I designed 10 unique wedding gowns and 10 flirty bridesmaids dresses. I love each one for different reasons but if I were to choose one gown I think the off shoulder cascading petal skirt gown of silk taffeta would be the one [PICTURED ABOVE]!

Q: How is designing bridal different from other types of gowns?
A: A wedding gown requires a certain kind of design aesthetic and thought process that achieves a cerebral and glamorous outcome. It is about creating details and body styles that exude dramatic effects, balanced out with necklines and outlines that frame the bride–complimenting her face and figure rather than distracting from them.

Q: You had tons of experience in the industry, even before being on Project Runway. What was one major thing you learned while being on the show?
A: From being on Project Runway and [getting] feedback from the judges I learned that my designs have marketable and commercial appeal and showcase a distinct style and understanding of the female body.

Q: How long will you be in Chicago? Are there any places in particular you are excited about visiting?
A: I will be in Chicago for two nights for interviews and, of course, the bebe Bridal launch event. Outside work, though, I prefer to go with the flow and discover new places.

Check out the new bebe Bridal Collection by visiting and the third floor Bridal suite at Bebe, 109 E. Oak Street.