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Holly Kasprisin

Mar 15, 2012 >> Fake it ’til you make it! Holly shares her favorite self tan products

It feels like spring has sprung. 60 degree weather will do that to a girl! And with the first taste of spring. many Chicagoans celebrate by hitting their favorite outdoor hotspots. But before we step out in our sleeveless shirts we may want to rethink our pasty arms that may have not seen any sunlight since last October.

Here are three of my “must haves” for creating the most perfect,  “I faked it, not baked it” tan looks.

This is by far my most favorite self tanner on the market. It comes with gloves to apply it (a must for “goof-proof tell tale hands”). It’s already pre-colored so you can see exactly where you put it. And it gives the most believable real tan color.

As much as I love the mousse; it’s still not the only product I use for a mistake proof tan. Since you’ll be using gloves to apply your tanner you’ll need to still tan the top of your hands. I also use this on the tops of my feet and my face; however I need to make the disclaimer that it specifically says NOT to spray it directly on your face! Making sure the tops of your feet and your face are sun-kissed makes a DIY tan look like you spent $60+ in a spa for it.

This one gives a flawless airbrushed finish to complete your self-tan. It’s pre-colored base leaves a mistake-proof finish.

Recently I tried a very interesting product by Cover FX – it was their SKINTINT FX Treatment and Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30. Not only does this product protect your youthfull looks for the those nasty UVA aging rays, but it is a primer that gives your skin a soft glow as well. And it totally minimized my pores and softened my fine lines. And it was so sheer and the texture was so incredibly smooth that it left no room for error. The result? No nasty telltale line of demarcation!

I have yet to try their RADIANT FX Luminescent Mineral Powder (FOUR) which said to be the perfect compliment to the tinted primer, but after seeing how great the primer made my skin look, I can only imagine what topping it off with the powder will do for my skin. I’m off to Sephora to try this next product!

Tarte’s Park Ave Princess (matte) is a saving grace for my pasty, chalky winter pale skin. This instantly warms up any fair to medium completion with a natural matte finish. It’s made up of Amazonian clay which I love because it helps prevent breakouts on my “everything makes me break out!” skin. It is also free of Parabens, mineral oil and phthalates. And best of all, its waterproof formula makes it one of my “must haves” for a perfectly natural, long lasting look.

I use a large fluffy powder brush to apply it such as MAC’s 187 Duo Fibre Brush, $42.