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Mar 20, 2012 >> Don’t miss Cellcosmet and Cellmen in Chicago

Saks Fifth Avenue wants you to meet Cellcosmet and Cellmen. The Swiss skincare collection, exclusive to Saks, is one the world’s only active cellular skincare collections designed for revitalization, anti-aging and overall skin enhancement. And we have to admit: we’re hooked. And lucky for us (and you!), Cellcosmet and Cellmen is coming to Chicago.

Visit Saks Fifth Avenue this Thursday, March 22 through Saturday, March 24th to experience the Cellcosmet and Cellmen ‘Activator Bar’ in the cosmetics department where guests can try the Activator Gel to awaken the skin (and the sinuses!). Soothing chai teas and some other fun perks will be on set for you to learn about the skincare line.

We have to admit: We were never that good at Science, so we caught up with Susan Steitzer, Vice President and General Manager of The Americas for the brand, to help simplify the (incredible) scientific attributes of Cellcosmet and Cellmen.

Q: Alright, break it down for us because we were never that good at science: what exactly is at the heart of this product?
A: The product represents a new generation in cellular and plant cosmeceuticals.  The cellular technology trademarked to Cellcosmet and Cellmen was founded to create a scientific process whereby active cells would be used in cosmetics.  To put it simply, the cellular technology offers revitalization, rebalance and overall health and wellness to the skin.

Q: What results can I expect to see?
A: The results from this product are immediate.  You’ll see that your skin has an immediate glow and is softer and smoother to the touch.  It takes that tired look away from the skin.

Q: Besides coming in for regular treatments, do you have any other trade secrets on perfecting your skincare regimen?
A: Absolutely!  A facial jumpstarts the skin—it’s the quick fix.  The key is to develop a skincare regime–like homework to your facials.  Unless you have a long-term plan, you won’t see the ultimate benefits to your skin.

Q: Everyone we’ve talked to about the treatment swears by it—what is the difference that puts it up above and beyond the rest?
A: First and foremost, it can only be found at prestige spas in the US and exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue, so there is a lot of interest when someone discovers the product.  Secondly, it’s all in the composition of the product.  Cell therapy offers immediate and long-lasting benefits that other products do not.  And not to mention, all the products are made in Switzerland where it’s produced and controlled as rigorously as any pharmaceutical product.
Q: What are your favorite Cellcosmet products to help ‘beef’ up your skincare regimen. Am I able to use my tried and true products on top of yours?
A: Yes.  Cellcosmet and Cellmen offer very unique products that can be used with your current skincare regime.  Some of my favorites: Activator Gel, CellLift Serum and any of the face masks.  The Activator Gel oxygenates skin and increases microcirculation.  Most importantly it helps the skin reap the benefits of other products. The CellLift Serum is a favorite because it mimics some of the results of Botox but it’s in a bottle.  It plumps, fills and relaxes your skin.  Finally, any of our masks are fantastic.  No matter what you are using, a mask does wonders for the skin.  It brings the spa into your home.
Q: Any Chicago hotspots? Favorite places to eat/drink/visit while you’re in town?
A: My favorite spot is RL.  It’s a cozy, Chicago spot.  Everyone says how friendly people are in Chicago and I truly believe that from the staff I met there—they know everyone in the city!
Shop Cellcosmet and Cellmen at Saks Fifth Avenue, 700 N. Michigan Ave. and