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Mar 16, 2012 >> Class it up for St. Patty’s Day with Chicago Cut Steakhouse

We’re tasting wines with David Flom of the classic Chicago Steakhouse and he’s giving his two cents (a very informed two cents!) for his favorite pours.

Occupying a downtown spot with a perfect river view, Chicago Cut Steakhouse is fairly new to the city’s restaurant scene but quickly becoming a heavyweight—what with its 3-pound porterhouses and pages-long wine list—racking up accolades and attracting celebs. (The place even has its dry-aging room in house.) David Flom, one of the restaurants two managing partners accounting for 20 of the combined 45 years industry experience, sits down with G&F for a tasting of the best wine and steak offerings. He tastes anywhere between 50 and 75 wines on a daily basis (tough job, we know), and as a result introduces guests to the crispest whites and the boldest reds. So why not toast to the good life?

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