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Feb 25, 2012 >> The Bold & The Beautiful! Jessica Murnane of Suitor is back again for more colorful inspiration.

Last week, we shared some colorful inspiration from Suitor’s Jessica Murnane. We couldn’t help ourselves to reach back out and get some more—because, you know, inspiration is a fleeting thing! Jessica whipped up some bold, beautiful bright pairings.

Candy Land  //  Inspiration from childhood favorites
I love to make a visit to candy stores to get inspired by all of the poppy color combinations. They seem to provide an endless source of fun pairings. From bright pink jellybeans to the orange gummy slices to the red ropes of licorice: I can’t get enough. After the paper goods and decor is wrapped up, it’s a snap to incorporate these color inspirations into dessert bars and favors. Amy Atlas and Sugar Chic in Chicago are two examples of companies I love for their beautiful candy land creations.
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Closet Case  //  Inspiration from textiles
I recently worked with Birch Design Studio to design paper goods for a Puja (traditional Hindu ceremony). BDS brought me books of beautiful Indian fabrics and sarees for the inspiration. The colors were so vibrant and so rich that it was hard to narrow down the perfect combination. Moroccan and Myan textiles are also a great source of inspiration. Such bright and unique color combinations that make a statement and most importantly make you feel happy. Pauline van Lynden’s book Rajasthan is an exciting exploration of these gasp-worthy combinations.
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Orange you Glad  //  Inspiration from nature
With all of our gadgets and scary Jetson technology, we sometimes forget where colors all began. It wasn’t generated by a computer program or a chemical process—it was nature. The pink underside of a peony, the transparent blue and gray hues of a jellyfish, the dusty green of a Granny Smith, these are where our modern color palettes comes from. On a recent trip to LA—I found this satsuma orange. I could not get over how perfect this orange and green were together. Your local farmer’s market or corner flower shoppe are great places to start exploring the OG of color. 
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