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Feb 14, 2012 >> Talk about Flower Power! H. Bloom’s step-by-step DIY is perfect for the Green Goddess in you

It’s not too late to DIY for V-Day. Kyle Hustedt, Chicago Floral Designer of H. BLOOM, is taking us step-by-step on how to build a sweet bouquet for your, well, sweet.

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Gather your ingredients. For this particular bouquet, we’re working with lavender roses, purple Sweet William, green trick dianthus (Don’t worry! We had to look it up, too!) and lovely lilac tulips.  You’ll also need clippers, a piece of wire, lemon leaves and any vase you already have at home.

Start with a handful of sweet William, then pop in two lavender roses on opposite sides. Imagine your bouquet as a square, and add two trick dianthus flowers to the sides perpendicular to the roses. See the bundle start to take shape?

Turn the bouquet by gripping with both hands and add another rose. Turn the arrangement clockwise again, and add a Sweet William. This technique is known as salt and peppering—you’re simply adding a different varietal in between each flower.

Keep an eye out for a gap in the bouquet and fill it with the next varietal. Go crazy! It’s your bouquet.

Go ahead! Add another rose.  We dare you!

Now that the arrangement is rounded out, it’s time to add a little flare for added design. Place a grouping of the tulips along the base. Tulips naturally tend to fall in one direction, so they work really well for this.

Secure the bouquet with wire. Grab a strand and place it under your thumb that’s holding the flowers, and pull it round the top of your hand.  Keep wrapping two to three times.  Tug, then twist the ends of the wire together.  Snip the excess ends with your clippers.

While you have the clippers, cut the stems of the flowers to the length of the shortest stem (and cut ½ inch off the shortest!). After nipping the ends, you have about a minute to put them in water (before you need to clip them to freshness again) so be sure you have your vase pre-filled.

Put on your favorite dress and get ready to give this beautiful DIY bouquet to your Valentine.