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Feb 17, 2012 >> It’s the anti-wedding band wedding band: The Gold Coast All-Stars

Weddings are all about authenticity—true love, genuine friends and family—so why have a group of geezers onstage trying to jam out modern music? Musician Danny Chaimson was thinking just that when he decided to take his career from Los Angeles (where he played with everyone from O.A.R to Solange Knowles to Slash) back home to Chicago and start a wedding band, or rather, an anti-wedding band (in that The Gold Coast All Stars are not your average Sinatra-wannabes).

We met up with him at the Hard Rock Hotel’s Angels and Kings, where his “supergroup of not-wedding-band guys” showed us how they can authentically play not just wedding reception standards but also Jay-Z, Kings of Leon and pretty much anything else the wedding party wants to hear. And the best part? They’re even laid back about drunken groomsmen taking the stage—as long as it’s okay with the bride and groom of course.