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Feb 21, 2012 >> Ianneci DIY’s for you: A Beautiful Bow Hair Clip

We recently fell in love with Ianneci Jewelry’s Bow Hair Comb. It’s a showstopper—iridescent glass beads in the shape of a feminine bow. Utterly versatile, it would be the perfect piece for the bride, the bridesmaids or even the flower girl.

We turned to Ianneci’s design duo, sisters Kimberly and Jennifer Gennace, to see if they could produce a special DIY version for G&F. So listen up, ladies! Now you can buy the bow clip for yourself, and then make this G&F exclusive for the rest of your devoted bridal party. Everyone ones!

The Hair Bow clip that Kimberly and Jennifer whipped up uses a button from one of their great grandmother’s (pictured above) dresses. Dig through your family heirlooms to see if you can find something to use that would add some chic nostalgia to the finished product. Once you’ve found the pièce de résistance, here are the other materials you’ll need:

Cut 2 pieces of wire. Each 20 inches in length.

Start the first half of the bow. String 3 (3mm) beads onto the wire.

Then take one end of the wire and string the wire back through 2 of the beads making a loop. Pull tight. Then repeat step 2 & 3 by increasing the number of beads you string onto the wire by one until you have strung a total of 7 beads onto the wire.  Example, string 3 more beads on next and loop wire through to make a loop, pull tight, then string 4 beads on, loop wire back through and pull tight, repeat.

Complete first half of the bow, then repeat Step 2 for second part of bow.

Place both bow parts onto the silver hair clip and position in the middle.

Using extra wire from each bow part to wrap wire through hole on hair clip and secure wire ends by wrapping them through the hole 5 times.

Add vintage button to center with wire. Cut wire ends.

Use the Glamour Hair Bow Clip anyway you wish and you are ready for your special day!

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