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Feb 20, 2012 >> How Romantic! Wedding Day Of Jewelry made easy

Weddings are filled with tough decisions and although we don’t want to sound trite, picking your Day Of jewelry really ranks up there as a difficult thing to decipher. To make it a little easier, we turn to one of Chicago’s go-to-authorities when it comes to beautiful baubles and fascinating fascinators to finish off the perfect wedding look.

Susan Metropoulos, owner of The Left Bank Jewelry & Bridal Finery, styles out three beautiful and unique brides on their special day for G&F.

Susan says: We love the look of this dreamy looking bride wearing a multi-strand necklace that has a casual, yet glamorous style with the large emerald cut centerpiece.  She’s fashion forward, but drawn to the element of romance.
Multi-strand layered necklace, $339, and Glamour earrings, $169, all by Haute Bride at The Left Bank.

Susan says: The Pin-Up Bride is drawn to sultry styles and has high-class sexiness. On camera, she’s tough as nails. Off camera she is soft and sweet as a kitten!  Meow!
Penny necklace, $371, Penny earrings, $150, Penny cuff, $225, and VanCleve headpiece, $129, all by Meg Wedding Jewelry at The Left Bank. 

Susan says: I love that this bride appears to be a bit mysterious—obviously with a high pedigree, ivy league education and most likely to be getting married at a private villa in the South of France! She is donning a petite tiara with delicate filigree earrings and a grande statement bracelet.
Petite Swarovski crystal tiara, $329, and filigree earrings, $129, all by Haute Bride at The Left Bank.

Find your Bridal bliss at The Left Bank Jewelry & Bridal Finery, 1155 W .Webster Avenue, 773.929.7422 or visit