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Corri McFadden

Feb 14, 2012 >> G&F wants to be Corri McFadden’s BFF this Valentine’s Day. She’s sharing her favorite BFF necklaces.

This Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to show your appreciation to that person in your life who is there for you even on your most unfashionable days—Your Best Friend! A simple way to express your love is the old school way (you know, Best Friend Necklaces). They’re simple and thoughtful and I know my BFF loves hers.

Photographed with my BFF in our Monserat De Lucca puzzle piece necklaces. Want some more ideas on where to snag some other inspired BFF necklaces? I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites.

ONE >> Sterling Silver BFF Puzzle necklace, now $26, by Unwritten.  

THREE >> Best Friends Heart Necklace, $52, by Dogeared.

TWO >> Best Friends For Life Necklace, $29.95, at Zazzle.