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Feb 9, 2012 >> A Quick Q&A: Gemma Correll lends her (brilliant) illustrations to Glossed & Found

We’ve asked a lot of people to be our Valentine, but there are only a handful of Valentine requests that we hope say Yes! Meet Illustrator Gemma Correll, G&F’s top contender for Valentine.

Gemma’s artwork covers our Valentine’s Issue this week with happy-go-lucky cupcakes for our Give Me Some Sugar video. Her playful illustrations—of pugs! and patterns! and pre-pubescent teens!—have caught the eye of everyone from Hermes to The New York Times. We always find a sly little smile on our face whenever we spy her artwork. And her blog is addicting. We threw three quick questions Gemma’s way.

Q: What was the worst Valentine’s Day you’ve ever spent?
A: All of the Valentine’s Days that occurred during my teenage years.

Q: The Best?
A: I intend this one coming up to be the best. I will spend it with my fiancé and my 2 pugs and we will eat cake* and watch a movie.
*The Pugs will not eat cake.

Q: Your childhood crush?
A: The boy next door.

Read more about Gemma Correll on her site.