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Feb 13, 2012 >> A Dozen Roses’ Electron. Just in time for V-Day.

Meet A Dozen Roses’ intoxicating new fragrance: Electron. Just in time for Valentine’s Day—and packaged perfectly with brightly hued custom artwork that is just as bold as the scent—this invigorating perfume is a jolt of green tea, violet leaves and cattalyea orchid then supercharged with neon musk, and A Dozen Roses’ signature rose absolute. A Dozen Roses founders Sandy Cataldo and Lynn Emmolo share some thoughts behind the fragrance and V-Days past.

Q: Where did you even start to think about what Electron would be?
SANDY CATALDO & LYNN EMMOLO: Electron is inspired by the Electron Rose: bright, vibrant, and exhilarating. And the idea for A Dozen Roses stemmed from the wonderful feeling roses give when you give them, see them, grow them or receive them.

Q: Who is the Electron woman?
SC & LE: The Electron woman is high energy. Fashionable. Fabulous.

Q: Who was your very first Valentine?
SC: My first Valentine was and continues to be my husband (although he was my boyfriend at the time).
LE: My first Valentine [that I received] was from my whole Kindergarten class sent on those wonderful little love cards.

Q: What are your plans for Valentine’s Day this year?
LE: Valentine’s Day is about lots of kisses and hugs. It’s time to recognize what it feels like being loved and to love in return.

Q: What was the most memorable V-Day surprise?
SC: We are still laughing about the most memorable Valentine’s Day surprise. I am embarrassed to say that I dressed up as Cupid, made a bow and arrow out of cardboard and when my husband came through the door, I shot him with the arrow. This interview inspired me to look up those pictures this weekend (can you believe I actually recorded the moment!) and we laughed all over again. Although I must say the hair and black tights were not so bad looking.

Electron, $95, by A Dozen Roses. Available at Neiman Marcus, 737 N. Michigan Avenue, 312.642.5900.