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Karen M. Bobos

Feb 27, 2012 >> 5 Tips to Jump Start Your Wedding Workout!

Fabulous dress, insane hair, ridiculously gorgeous shoes, breathtaking heirloom jewelry from great grandma, and a big butt… What?  No, thank you!  That is not what you want everyone to be focusing on when you walk down the aisle.  And you do not want to be selecting the perfect dress to hide your muffin top. Get focused!  Weddings are all about planning and so is a good workout program and nutrition regimen.  Top 5 things to getting off on the right track.  Ready to listen up?  Just press play. >>
You keep saying you are going to start working out and that the diet starts tomorrow, but now you face one of the greatest moments of your life and you want to look and feel amazing. Too late for the Could Of, Would Of, Should Of, you need to think fast!  So whether this is new to you or you just need to pump up your workouts to the next level to be super-hot bride USA, this is one pageant you will be placing in first, my dear!  No if’s, and, or butts (and absolutely no BIG butts!) follow my guidelines to being a little you on your big day.