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Feb 23, 2012 >> 5 Minutes with Vatana Watters of Watters Bride

Completely dreamy and fantastically fun—that’s the Spring/Summer campaign of bridal powerhouse Watters. We were so struck by the delicate detailing on each piece (including everything from wedding gowns to flower girl dresses) and the simple joy in each design, we had to take you right to the source. We’re sharing a quick chat with Vatana Watters, the life source behind a Bridal brand that isn’t foolin’ around by celebrating, well, a little foolin’ around.

Q:What is the most important consideration when picking out a dress?
A: Three things to keep in mind while picking a dress are: your ceremony, venue and body type.

Q: Are there any rules when finding the right gown? How do you narrow down your search?
A: There are no rules when finding a gown.  I would be open-minded when looking for your gown. Always allow yourself a wildcard dress—it might surprise you! To narrow it down, ask yourself: ‘Does it look right? Does it feel right? Does it make you feel like a bride?’

Q: Can you pick a favorite gown from your collection?
A: This is a tough question since I have many favorites! If I must pick one gown it would be Watters Brides style Torrean (pictured below). It’s a stunning gown. It’s a perfect dress with all the elements: re-embroidered lace in Duchess silk satin, strapless a-line, lace flower beaded appliqués. This gown was significant for us as our success had always been in the bridesmaid’s category. Torrean put us in the bridal spotlight and established us a force in the bridal category. Torrean continues to be a jewel in our crown.

Q: For Spring, what trends are you seeing?
A: Some major trends we are seeing for Spring are diverse necklines. Strapless dresses are still very popular, but we are getting requests for cap sleeves or thicker straps.  Colors are becoming a very popular option: from champagnes to blush, our brides are choosing to express their individuality with a slight hue. With so many options out there our brides are not forfeiting comfort for style, so the fact that our gowns are light as a feather have not gone unnoticed.

Q:How can you infuse your own personality into a Wedding Gown?
A: As with everyday fashion you infuse your personality into any outfit with accessories. The same can be said with bridal gowns. We offer a wide range of belts and accessories that complement our styles and also help bring out our bride’s personalities.

Q: Wedding day jewelry: How much is too much?
A: Your own personal sense of style really rules on this one. If you are known for an always glamorous look by all means go for it! If you tend to have a simple, clean look, then a few special pieces may be just right. But I would like to quote Coco Chanel when it comes to accessorizing: “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off!”

Q: If you could round up the perfect Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, what would each be?
A: Something Old: an antique lace or linen hankie to wrap around your flower bouquet (if it’s a family heirloom even better). Something New: your wedding gown of course! Something Borrowed: a beautiful piece of jewelry from family or friends. Something Blue: delicate, silvery blue shoes peeking out from under your hem.

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