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Julie Darling

Jan 31, 2012 >> Taste Test:
Choosing the perfect caterer for your event

Choosing a caterer for any event is the single most important task. It must be conquered tastefully. Literally! Everyone talks about the food and your caterer should be in alignment with your palette. With all of my years in planning exciting events for a variety of companies, I want to share some insight on how to find the perfect caterer for your affair.

First, get personal references from clients and friends. Next, know your budget and—write this next part down!—stick to it. Be familiar with what your chosen venue has in stock that can be used to save on rental costs (you’d be surprised at how fast your budget can be drained because of additional rentals). Lastly, insist that you have a full tasting a month prior.

Still stuck? Make sure to ask the following questions: What is their speciality? What is the largest and smallest event they have catered? Where will the food be prepared—On Site or at their facility?

Taste, style, presentation, cost, service and reputation are key attributes to a great caterer. My personal recommendation? The Entertaining Company excels from simple to extravagant with taste and style. Ask for Rachel Schwanz.