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Jan 31, 2012 >> Eternamé’s Sarah Besnainou takes us through her creative process

In this week’s Spotlight, Eternamé designer Sarah Besnainou admits to playing favorites. We ask her to dissect her favorite, the Noor cuff bracelet, for G&F to see where all her divine inspiration comes from.

“I believe that creativity can be transferred into all elements of my life. I made the first sketch of the Noor bracelet during my professional trip to the United Emirates. I was really inspired by the Arabic culture and environment which are also a part of my Tunisian origin. As a result, we can see both cultures in the bracelet. What makes it truly original is the mix of modern style with the matte gold and the old Oriental style with ornaments and brown diamonds. Luxury handmade bracelets are a great passion of mine and I find the Noor bracelet is one of the great master pieces of Eternamé.” —SARAH BESNAINOU