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G&F’s The Find is a brand new way to shop and explore With a creative team comes creative hoarding—we ‘re sharing some of our favorite finds found in travels, trips and more. From vintage to unique one-of-a-kind pieces with a few G&F BFF’s, we’ve got inspired goodies that are perfect for the holiday season and beyond. Meet the G&F team and our design partners. >>

& Our Partners
Azeeza Khan

Designer Azeeza Khan is Chicago's unofficial ambassador of sparkle. Her label, AZZA is lauded for its luxe fabrics and glamorous designs. When it comes to bringing the fancy, AZZA always delivers.

Best gift idea: "My favorite gifts are “splurge” items. Regardless of price, giving someone an excuse to indulge is always fun."
Susan Alexandra

Susan Alexandra's eponymous jewelry line is packed with personality. It's colorful, whimsical and animated, just like the designer herself. We're thrilled to have her design a holiday cuff for our debut market.

Holiday Disaster Story: "I went to a Hannukah/Christmas party and bit into a raw latke. That had a hair in it. I'm pretty turned off from latke's right now."
The Chop Shop

If you're in need of meat—raw, prepped or cooked—The Chop Shop is your one-stop [butcher] shop. And did we mention they're also a salumeria, bar, restaurant AND event space?

Favorite dish: "The combo of stuffing, mash potatoes, turkey, and GRAVY in one bite." - Dan De Los Monteros
Elise Bergman

Elise is a local Chicago fashion designer known for her classic, romantic and sustainable self-titled clothing line. With her latest pennant banner creations, Elise can now add home decor to her design repertoire.

Favorite holiday dish: "We always have a huge Swedish feast on Christmas Eve. Pickled Herring seems to be most people's least favorite dish, but I love it."
Jessica Murnane

Jessica Murnane is a designer and self-proclaimed "plant-vangelist," spreading the good word about good food through her website and restaurant program, One Part Plant. Eat healthy and delicious? Jessica is your gal.

Worst holiday outfit: "It's my best and worst. There is this old pair of red sweatpants that are my dad's that I wear every single day I am at his house. Just inside though."
Marianne & Hans Sundquist

Marianne and Hans Sundquist are the husband-wife duo behind Mess Hall & Co. With their shared passion for food, Marianne and Hans are on a mission to bring their locally grown, American made preserved foods to bars and kitchens everywhere.

Worst gift you've ever given: "A bag of potpourri thinking it was tea." - Hans
Morgan Byrne & Marie Neri

Morgan Byrne and Marie Neri are the founders of Morgan Marie Beauty. Not only can these women do your makeup (beautifully, might we add), but they can make it! Morgan Marie Beauty just expanded their cosmetics line to include bronzer, blushes, and eye shadow, which they've launched exclusively with The Find.

Favorite Holiday Song: "Hands down! Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas Is You"
Thai Tyler

Thai Tyler is the founder of Lovebomb nail lacquer, an advocate for all things eco-friendly, and a self-declared color theory nerd.

Favorite memory of the holidays growing up: "I would always know my gifts before I opened them. I was a peeker. A Christmas ninja. I would poke holes and look inside my gifts, then I'd flip them back over so no one would notice."