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Sep 30, 2016 >> #5MinutesWith Ministry’s Head Honcho


MINISTRY co-founder GIHAN AMARASIRIWARDENA started making headlines earlier this year when he ran a half marathon donning a suit. Not just any suit though, an artfully-crafted, optimally-designed Ministry suit. Donning the Chief Design Officer hat of Ministry as well, Gihan knew this was a marketing stunt but couldn’t think of a better way to bring the company’s manifesto to life. And thus, we’re left with this question: Navigating trends and fast fashion is a fickle situation, and with it comes an even more troubling situation: At what point must comfort be surrendered for aesthetic?

Ministry isn’t even entertaining the thought. They craft classic workwear silhouettes for men and women with a purposeful, human-centered design process. They study how people move throughout their day. From commuting to coffee breaks to—our favorite time of the day—happy hour. So comfortability is kind of their thing. Ministry’s deep understanding of the human body allows the fit of their collared shirts and feel of their tailored pants to outperform their traditional contemporaries. >> READ MORE >>

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Sep 29, 2016 >> Time to Kick Some Axe! [VIDEO]


Ever thought you’d get a chance to throw an axe? Had the thought of ever throwing an axe even crossed your mind until this very moment? Thanks to West Loop’s newest recreational curiosity BAD AXE THROWING, you can make your wildest lumberjack—or lumberjill!—dreams come true for some serious thrill and unconventional fun at Chicago’s very first Axe Throwing Club.

The history of axes spans across the world, with Frankish soldiers during the 5th century in Western Europe to Frontiersman Daniel Boone’s Wilderness Trail cleared by camp axes to traditional Native American tomahawks. Although axes have been around for a really long time as weapons and tools, Axe-throwing is an old Celtic sport. Like archery, but with axes, this sport gained steady popularity when the North American frontier became more tamed and settlers transformed into famers—and when a good ol’ game of horseshoes just wasn’t cutting it anymore.



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Sep 8, 2016 >> Back to the Future with Angie Banicki [VIDEO]


If you would have asked a young ANGIE BANICKI if she would grow up to be a celebrity tarot card reader, she just might have said yes. After all, it takes a certain level of psychic ability to master the art of the tarot. Master it she did—and then some! And quite by accident, too. A natural born explorer, Angie traversed the globe in search of adventure. When her travel check-list was nearly checked, she turned inward on a more spiritual journey to center herself and find her next path. After casually reading cards for friends and family and leading each to a level of discovery and knowledge unbeknownst to them, Angie found a serious calling.

And now, Angie finds herself reading cards for a very impressive clientele. From Nintendo to Usher and Budweiser to Gwyneth—yes, that Gwyneth—Angie offers the A-list a unique life map guided by her trusted tarot and a seriously tuned-in music set. With a shuffling playlist of 1,600 songs, she asks the powers that be to offer up guidance and direction by way songs. Between her cards and a divinely led Spotify, Angie delivers a whole bunch of information that is totally out of this world. Add her readings to a new practice of mixing yoga and tarot and Angie’s holistic approach to incorporating the cards in your life is awe-inspiring.



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Aug 23, 2016 >> Meet the Windy City Rollers [VIDEO]

G&F BLOG_The Windy City Rollers

In the adventurous spirit of our Fall Fashion Issue, we’re getting inspired by a gang of rollerskating babes that have the best puns in the city. You could say the WINDY CITY ROLLERS march—well, roll—to the beat of their own drum, but we’re going out on a limb to say this group of edgy ladies are skating to their own bad ass tune—and kicking butt and taking names! We went behind the scenes with Windy City Rollers to learn more about the hard-hitting sport of roller derby and get a one-on-one lesson with WCR all-star player Ashley Perrin who is better known by her rink-name: Killa Nois.

The Windy City Rollers have been Chicago’s premier women’s flat track roller derby league for over a decade. WCR features four home teams: the Double Crossers, The Fury, Hell’s Belles, and Manic Attackers. Besides their love for name puns—think names like Mary Poppin’ Caps and Suga Smaxxx—these roller women exude extraordinary confidence and a tenacious spirit that is oh so punk rock, and truly inspiring to all.


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Aug 23, 2016 >> Wansas Tequila Serves Up Fall

G&F Blog_Wansas Tequila

With summer in full swing and fall nipping closely at our heels, we’re gearing up for a change in our daily regimen. Namely: Happy Hour. After cutting our teeth on al fresco sips all summer long, we’ve found a few favorite things to carry over into the next season. Meet WANSAS TEQUILA. The award winning, hand-crafted tequila is a spirit lovers dream: smooth finish, distinct personality and beautifully designed bottles. Is there more that you could ask for? READ MORE >>

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Aug 23, 2016 >> Join the Training Revolution [VIDEO]

G&F BLOG_Training Revolution

Break out of your boring workout routine and jump into something new this fall. We’re getting serious fitspo from a new fitness concept from Treads Gym called TRAINING REVOLUTION. The new studio takes personal training out of the box and makes it accessible to everyone offering three different 60-minute classes, focusing on high intensity group training without losing that personal touch. We’re pumping it up with Training Revolution’s founders Regina Gato and Trevor Rutkowski from this new Wicker Park outpost who are shaking things up and getting edgy with a new alternative way to work those bi’s and tri’s.


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Jul 6, 2016 >> Southern Charm: Re-Styled

Fall even more in love with Charleston’s charming style. While we hit up the city’s shopping expert Andrea Serrano for some of her favorite shops in the Holy City, she obviously couldn’t fit all of them into one breath. We picked the retail maven’s brain for a few more of her hotspots including some of the movers and shakers in the Charleston design community who are punching out brilliant pieces to add to your accessories collection to wear right now and into Fall. The result? Some serious accessory envy that can transform any garments into a bonafide CHS look!

And bonus! She’s pulling a few of her favorite things that are shop-able on the web, too. So if Charleston is not in your immediate travel future, you can click through for that oh-so-southern charm feeling.

G&F BLOG_Andrea Serrano Shopping Zero George

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Jul 6, 2016 >> Andrea Serrano: Charleston Shopping Pro!

G&F BLOG_andrea serrano charleston zero george

With a resume boasting notables such as Harpers Bazaar, Levi’s and L’oreal, Andrea Serrano has taken her styling expertise down south to Charleston. She continues to freelance as a stylist on fashion and commercial productions, and runs a style blog called Charleston Shop Curator, which focuses on local designers and boutiques within the Charleston area. As part of our Charleston Travel Feature, we picked Andrea’s brain on where to shop in the Holy City.

While we bunked up at Zero George, we talked with this Charleston fashionista as part of their Shopping Package amenity available to guests. Turns out this sartorial spirit is full of insider secrets on the best deals, cool buys and must-have souvenirs for any Charleston newbie. Get your cheat sheet below to the best shopping Charleston from their resident stylist, and the perfect jaunt for your post-shop appetite.  READ MORE >>

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Jul 6, 2016 >> Charleston by Bike: #YES

G&F BLOG_Kirk Chambers Zero George Bike Tour Charleston

We camped out in charming Charleston, South Carolina for our latest travel featureAs if Charleston wasn’t charming enough, we rented a couple complimentary bicycles at Zero George for some sight seeing at a different perspective. We went on a cruise with Photographer Kirk Chambers who gave us a scenic bike tour of Charleston, and showed us how to work the camera to capture all of Charleston’s right angles. You can actually book Kirk’s services through Zero George’s Photography Package, which gives you a choice between a 3 or 5-hour session to explore the city like a local—and give you Instagram feed some major street cred.