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Feb 12, 2016 >> Modern Matchmaker with the Goodman

G&F BLOG_Goodman Theater Matchmaker

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. The February holiday is a divisive one: some lucky lovers canoodling with their craft cocktails and movie nights; the other side, well, it’s not as amorous. The Goodman Theatre is setting out to romanticize the single life in The Matchmaker, a jolly 1955 classic which set the foundation for the Broadway musical Hello, Dolly! (and you know how much we love musicals). The Thornton Wilder play mashes up curmudgeon widower Horace Vandergelder with larger-than-life matchmaker Dolly Levi and all the wacky and wild mishaps that happen in pursuit of L-O-V-E. In 2016, the idea of an old-fashioned matchmaker seems antiquated, but with a recent study by WalletHub ranking Chicago as one of the worst cities to be single—we came in a whopping 133 out of 150!—maybe some old fashioned love potion number nine isn’t the worst we could try.

We turned off Tinder, Grindr and any of our other dating apps ending in -er sounds, and instead turned to The Goodman’s The Matchmaker cast who are currently in rehearsal for the jovial play in hopes of getting some solid dating advice (and a little more info on the characters they play in the process). What we found? The Good, The Bad and The Sultry!

Role: Barnaby Tucker, the wide-eyed apprentice looking for adventure
Relationship Status: Single

Worst dating experience?
It was a blind date via Tinder and we were talking about the fact that we both have family in India. We found out that we knew a few of the same people and went to the same wedding when we were younger. Thanks to Facebook, we found out we were cousins and we clearly weren’t going forward with this.  READ MORE >>

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Feb 10, 2016 >> Punch Drunk Love with Buck’s! [VIDEO]

G&F BLOG_Bucks Vday Punch

It’s finally the season of love here at G&F and we’re totally falling for a punchy cocktail that gets us into the Valentine’s Day spirit. We stopped by Wicker Park’s newest southern-themed hangout, Buck’s, to create the perfect punch bowl for any V-day plans you may have. Buck’s Beverage Director Steve Fauser teaches us how to swizzle up a house favorite—The Birthday Suit—punch bowl style.

Before you whip up some serious cocktail chemistry, Steve recommends making a cranberry and lemon rum infusion that’s super easy and a delicious way to add even more flavor to the drink. In a large mason jar add one bag of lightly crushed cranberries, two lemon rinds, two tablespoons of sugar and three cups of your favorite rum. Steve uses Funky Rum, but mentions any rum will work for an infusion. Then just screw on the cap and keep at room temperature for at least four days, but can sit for as long as a few weeks, then voila!



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Jan 20, 2016 >> The Southwest Style Guide

G&F BLOG_Janet Smith Peterson Click Thru

We picked the brain of uber-talent Janet Smith-Peterson of The Sundance Gallery. With over 30 years of experience buying, selling and collecting Native American art and jewelry, we turned to her to help us curate our very own collection. Read more here.


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Jan 20, 2016 >> Blue Corn Cupcakes? OK!

G&F BLOG_John Rivera Sedlar Cupcake Recipe

In our latest G&F Travel feature—see the full trip here—we ran around with some of the most creative folks in New Mexico. One of the talented crew, Chef John Rivera Sedlar, shared a family recipe from his grandmother Eloisa that left us wanting lots—and lots!—more. Snag the recipe below:  READ MORE >>

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Dec 29, 2015 >> The Best of 2015!

We’re suckers for capital F-U-N. We’re totally, absolutely, undeniably mad for the stuff. Wherever we find it, we take it—or perhaps it finds us? Either way, we’re looking back on an entire year of it in the form of inspired travel, fantastic fashion and lots of signature G&F laughs.

GF-BLOG_Best of Style GF-BLOG_Best of Found

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Dec 29, 2015 >> Winter Greens Reinvented!

G&F Blog_Christine Janda

We invited design enthusiast Christine Janda to our Holiday Detox & Retox night—see the event here!—to help spread some extra holiday cheer. Armed with winter greens and trimmings that would make the Walnut Room jealous, Christine walked guests through a simple 101 on making the perfect floral crowns for the season. But what happens when all the presents are unwrapped and the winter green swag on your door starts to sag? We asked Christine a few ways to revitalize your happy winter greens and other oddball trimmings to usher in a brand new year of cool. Her answers? Uber creative, unfussy and oh-so-sweet—just like her. 


  1. Mix Your Metals with Pine: Snip a few branches off your fresh tree at Christmas. 
  2. Find a tall vessel, one that won’t tip. Strip the pine needles off of the lower half of the branch, to fit nicely into your vase.
  3. Spray metallic gold, bronze and silver paint onto your branches. Place inside your vase for a dramatic, gilded, New Years Eve centerpiece. 


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Dec 8, 2015 >> On set with Drury Lane’s White Christmas

G&F BLOG_Drury Lane White Christmas

Want to see the magic of the Holidays come to life on the Drury Lane stage? Enter Irving Berlin’s White Christmas. Directed by Drury Lane’s Artistic Director William Osetek and choreographed by Matt Crowle, this holiday mainstay follows two former Army buddies turned Broadway stars who follow a pair of starlet sisters all the way to a Vermont inn, where they’re set  to perform. From scenic design to creative costumes to explosive song and dance, Drury Lane’s White Christmas will engulf you in this timeless holiday tale.

But behind all the sequins and falling snow—Yes! Lots of falling snow!—there’s a whole lot more to this joyful production. Christmas nostalgia abounds with a stacked line-up of unforgettable tunes like Blue Skies, Count Your Blessings and, of course, White Christmas. And with every musical number, a more impressive and show-stopping dance follows suit.



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G&F BLOG_Paramount Events Holiday Dish

What better way to spread holiday cheer than with a delicious dish that’s easy to prep and totally shareable—and did we mention delicious?! We rustled through the recipe box of Chef Devon Quinn, the talented tastebuds behind Paramount Events, for a one-plate wonder perfect for holiday festivities. The result? Serrano ham wrapped pork tenderloin atop whipped mashed potatoes and sprinkled with brightly colored seasonal vegetables. We knew you’d like that.

Devon is no stranger to mastering flavors for special gatherings. As Executive Chef at Paramount Events, he creates custom catering menus for events around the city and knows just the right tips and tricks to take something basic and make it memorable. “There are some really great spices out there–zaatar, smoked paprika, togarashi, ras el hanout, and yellow curry paste,” explains Devon. “Pan roast cauliflower in olive oil, add some whole chilies. Allow them to blister and then dust with zaatar.” So there you have it, how to—literally!—spice up your life.



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Nov 3, 2015 >> Spa Review: Equinox’s Pumpkin Facial

G&F BLOG_Spa at Equinox Fall Pumpkin Facial

It’s that time of year—the awkward days in between the Halloween Hangover and an onslaught of Christmas decor creeping in your local Target. Before you start your guerrilla attack on your Holiday wishlists and the newest Turkey recipe craze, take some time to indulge in pampering yourself.  READ MORE >>