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Oct 24, 2014 >> Feel Good Beauty: Hamsa Center [VIDEO]

GF-BLOG_Monica Yearwood Hamsa

For our Feel Good Beauty Issue, we’re getting grounded with the ancient practices of Ayurveda (Eye-Yur-Vay-Da for those of you who want to let it roll off the tongue like a yogi). A system of traditional Hindu medicine, Ayurveda translates to “life knowledge” which is gained through our relationship with the environment. What better person to chat these principles than with Ayurveda pro Monica Yearwood, owner of Hamsa Center. We sit at her Lakeview studio to talk incorporating these ancient philosophies into a modern lifestyle to create a harmonious mind/body balance.


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Oct 20, 2014 >> We Werq it out at Pilates ProWorks [VIDEO]

GF-BLOG_Pilates ProWorks

It’s no secret regular exercise is one of the keys to healthy skin. Physical activity promotes healthy circulation and blood flow to skin cells for healthy and luminous skin. But blah blah blah… you already know all that jazz. So we’re upping our game in the name of healthy skin and beauty! And since we’re talking about everything feel good beauty this issue, we’re working up a sweat at the new Pilates ProWorks in Lincoln Park.


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Oct 15, 2014 >> #5MinutesWith Jeraldine Mendoza [VIDEO]

Meet Jeraldine Mendoza, the prima ballerina who is about to take center stage in the first ever production of Swan Lake by award winning Chicago-based ballet company, the Joffrey. Inspired by Edgar Degas, the ballet-within-a-ballet combines classical elements with a modern vision and a touch of fantasy—and of course!—breathtaking choreography.

GF-BLOG_Swan Lake

Jeraldine embodies the grace and beauty of a world-class ballerina, but doesn’t let her unique personality and style disappear into the wings. She has caught the attention of the public eye as a recipient of the pretigious Leonore Annenberg Fellowship Fund and you can even keep up with her adventures through her blog, A Window Seat View: Fly With Me.


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Oct 15, 2014 >> Get Centered at Rooted [VIDEO]

Here at G&F, we’re ready to try anything. And in the spirit of our Feel Good Beauty Issue, we’re tapping into our inner hippie to explore self-expression in new ways to feel good from the inside out. We headed to Wicker Park’s brand new establishment, Rooted Self Expression Center, to explore our inner awareness with a movement and voice class. Shruti Sekhri, the Founder and Chief Self Expressionist at Rooted, explains the importance of genuine connections along with acceptance and love for ourselves:.

GF-BLOG_Rooted Self Expression Center

“We have hit a tipping point where we are tired of getting lost in our smart phones.  We’re beginning to become aware of how numbing the constant ‘connection’ can be—a need to awaken our souls. We are at the start of a movement where emotional self care is important.”

Agreed. Period. We try our hand at a full immersion class at Rooted to see if we can tap into our inner lovechild. Watch our G&F Extra video below to see us unwind and connect within >>


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Oct 10, 2014 >> Ones to Watch: New Design

G&F BLOG_The New Guard new Designs


Each Fall, we find a few of our favorite local style stars who are busting at the seams with brilliant pieces of work. We featured five of these veteran designers in The Art of Style feature. But with a city as big as ours, talent finds its way in a variety of different avenues and we’re finding some other Midwest artists who are creating beautiful things for beautiful people. These four new start-ups are itching to go big time with designs that are as inspiring as they are unique. Meet four new companies that are worth bookmarking. >> READ MORE >>

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Oct 9, 2014 >> #5MinutesWith Sydney Evan

For Rosanne Karmes, the sought-after designer of Sydney Evan jewelry, accessorizing one’s self is not only about looking good on the outside, it’s about feeling good too. The entire collection—which, believe us, is massive!—features sweet jewelry treats of all sizes and motifs aimed at sparking that emotional and sentimental attachment for the wearer. And that’s what we love about the line: shopping for yourself or a loved one becomes an experience. It’s about wearing a charm that symbolizes your relationship, your BFF or your fabulous Caribbean vacation that you dream about to help you get through the changing of the seasons.

Whatever the meaning, Sydney Evan has it. And we’re hooked. And we’re not the only ones. With a celeb following that grows by the day, Sydney Evan jewels are dotting the wrists of fashionable femmes from coast to coast.

G&F BLOG_sydney evan

Did we mention that the designs are customizable, too? Roseanne and her team will be armed with 90 charms and 30 different colored beads for a Neiman Marcus Michigan Avenue in-store appearance on Friday, October 17th—details below! We catch up with the designer before her whistlestop tour to talk baubles, bites and that one Sydney Evan-wearing celeb that totally had this charming designer floored. >>

We’re going crazy for your lightning bolt stud earrings and all the celestial-related jewels—we have to ask, who have you been most starstruck by in your career?
Sarah Jessica Parker wearing my love bracelet. She is a style icon and I was beyond flattered and thrilled to see her express herself through my jewelry.  READ MORE >>

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Oct 6, 2014 >> #5MinutesWith actress Jennifer Lim

We’re celebrating all things local this issue. Okay, we’re always celebrating local like our story featuring five of our favorite Chicago design stars, but back that lens up a bit and there’s a whole lot more happening right now in this big city of ours to talk about. Take, for instance, the award winning Goodman Theatre that just embarked on their 90th season, opening with the heart-wrenchingly sincere Smokefall as well as The World of Extreme Happiness. The latter tells the story of a hopelessly romantic factory girl gaining control over her life amongst China’s economic transformation. Sounds a little heavy, yes. But the result is a playful, powerful and urban exploration of finding oneself amidst cultural pressures. And smack dab in the middle of it all is actress Jennifer Lim who plays the leading lady, Sunny.

G&F BLOG_Jennifer Lim at Goodman Theatre

Her resume is off the charts cool with her biggest role to date in 2011’s Chinglish where she earned a Jeff nomination as well as Theatre World award for the Broadway debut. But it’s Jennifer’s down-to-earth attitude that makes this NY-based actress a real star. We catch up with the theatre lover—and leave all the drama for the stage!—before curtain to talk misshaped brows, what’s in her beauty bag and her Chicago love list. >>

First off: You’ve got bangin’ brows. Any tips?
Ha! It’s funny you say that because I got into so much trouble when I first had my brows tweezed at age 18. I was having headshots taken and the makeup artist asked if she could shape my brows. Growing up, I always thought they were too bushy so I gave her the go ahead. When I got home after the shoot, my mother flipped and I got a big scolding for forever ruining my perfectly full brows. Nowadays, I just tweeze the stray hairs and pretty much leave it alone. Though my mother still insists they’re nowhere near as nice as when I was growing up.  READ MORE >>

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Oct 1, 2014 >> Meet the Idle.Wild duo

Peas in a fashion pod. At least that’s how Rhea Fernandez and Angela Carroll, the striking team behind indie label Idle.Wild, like to think of themselves. The two met while modeling and knew instantly that they must create something together.

“We think conceptually, speak in unison and often show up wearing the same things,” says Rhea who immediately fell in love with Angela over a shared connection of shopping in the menswear department. And that personal preference for more masculine cuts and finishes has been a cue for the design of their fledgling line. “There is very little that is delicate or overly feminine about what we create,” Rhea says, “It speaks to the wild woman in all of us.”

GF-BLOG_IdleWild Portraits

Wearable art? They tout it as such and we’re biting. The tightly edited line features a small collection of luxury items that are the epitome of the statement piece. From oversized scarves with graphic prints and t-shirts to one of our most recent obsessions: the gold metallic Hammered clutch, we’re picking up the vibe the Idle.Wild duo is putting down. And because of all this retail beauty, we can’t help but want to take a peek inside their day-to-day to see what’s inspiring these two wild women, both in the studio and out.

What’s in in the Idle.Wild name?
Angela: Idlewild is the name of a town in Michigan where my family has owned property for generations. My memories in Idlewild are some of my richest and most treasured possessions. Time spent away from normal life, in the company of loved ones, exploring, laughing, purely existing. Barefoot and running wild. Our name is an ode to those moments in life when you feel the most free, of mind and of spirit.

We die over your metallic clutch—what inspired this piece?
Rhea: We’re obsessed with that piece too! It is something that you can be rough with and it will only look better. When we were first designed it, we fell in love with the idea of this perfectly imperfect statement piece. When you think about it, our HAMMERED CLUTCH [photo A] is just like this beautiful city that we live in: massive, full of character and not without flaws but those flaws are an inseparable part of the story.  READ MORE >>

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Sep 25, 2014 >> Say Cheese! Meet the artist [VIDEO]

GF-BLOG_Fall Fashion Cheese Artist

For New York City-based artist Cheese, art is everywhere. The soft-spoken illustrator and creator packs a punch with graphic prints that dot Manhattan streets and galleries alike. The colors and lines are Andy Warhol-approved, introducing a revolving door of Millennial pop culture icons like Bart Simpson and Popeye suspiciously eyeing Cheese’s calling card: a wedge of candy-colored swiss, naturally. The same marking dots the NYC street art scene with wood block pieces painted in his signature color palette reminiscent of a psychedelic Mall food court. Basically: we’re hooked.


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Sep 18, 2014 >> Snag This: FMK’s Constellation Cocktail

All this month, we’re bringing you an artful perspective on Fall Fashion and —did you check our illustrated Fall Fashion feature? Or our special collab with Project Onward artist Bill Douglas for our Fall Beauty feature? So! Much! Art!

GF-BLOG_Fulton Market Kitchen Constellation Cocktail

And that’s no exception for our latest interview with art vet—and blonde beauty!—Sarah Raskey. We sat down with the spiritual artist at Fulton Market Kitchen to have some G&F fun. To accompany our canvas, Fulton Market Kitchen beverage director Brian Sturgulewski concocted an intoxicating cocktail that is just as dreamy as Sarah’s work. Snag the recipe below:  READ MORE >>

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Sep 18, 2014 >> Fall Faves: Charles Ifergan + Cowshed Spa

When it comes to the professionals, we know how to sniff them out. This season, we’re relying on two heavy hitters in the beauty industry to share their Fall beauty know-how with the G&F reader. With over 40 years of hair experience, the amicable Charles Ifergan hops in front of the G&F camera to talk strands (and even a Knotted Updo Hair how-to!) and the director behind UK-based Cowshed dishes her favorite services from the brand new post at the Soho House Chicago.

GF-BLOG_Charles Ifergan GF-BLOG_Christina Russillo

Click above to read the story of these two vets who throw down some serious knowledge about looking and feeling good this season.

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Sep 18, 2014 >> #5Minutes with Sarah Raskey [VIDEO]

GF-BLOG_Fulton Market Kitchen Sarah Raskey

Sarah Raskey’s work explodes on the canvas in a wildly bold display of colors and textures. She’s like Klimt’s apprentice—employing metallics in a dizzying way to show off the cosmos. Or is it the ocean? Or maybe a lily pond. Wherever Sarah’s work takes your mind’s eye, follow along as the journey is colorful and introspective. And that introspection is purely intention. The blonde beauty’s work—that she has exhibited across the world over the last 13 years—is a direct result of her cultivation of spiritual traditions and incorporating her studies into her work.

“Art is about so much more than just what it looks like,” Sarah says, “It is about what it does to us.”

We catch up with Sarah on a lighter note at Fulton Market Kitchen—a West Loop hotspot known for its fusion of food and art. What better place to talk shop then here? Armed with all the sweet supplies—compliments of Sugar Hills Bakery—we get to work making mini, and edible!, works of art with the art pro.


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Sep 3, 2014 >> Project Onward’s Fashion Form

G&F’s September Issues all have one common theme: The Artist. For our kick off issue to Fall, we teamed up with Project Onward on a project that lies smack dab at the intersection of style and art.


TOP ROW: Jackie Cousins; Bill Douglas
BOTTOM ROW: Adam Hines; Bill Douglas; Michael Smith

After shooting our Fall Beauty story, we sent Project Onward artist Bill Douglas four raw images and asked him to reenvision these shots. The results are stunning—check out the story here—and we were inspired by what the artist’s decisions did with the direction of the piece. G&F’s goal is always to celebrate everyone who has a stylish point of view and Bill’s work was a true testament to living that mantra. Producing a series of eight collages, Bill’s work will be debuted in a new exhibition opening later this month at their Bridgeport Art Center space.  READ MORE >>

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Sep 3, 2014 >> Oodles of Doodles: Meet Doodlebooth [VIDEO]

Even though Jana Kinsman has been illustrating her whole life, the idea for Doodlebooth illuminated while sipping mimosas and drawing friends at a Christmas party—we knew we loved mimosas for a reason! We sit down and chat with the artist about her 4-year-old portraiture service, Doodlebooth. Not only did we see Jana in action during our interview, but we had her transform our closest friends into an army of doodle people at our G&F BFF Dinner. Not many people can capture a person’s essence quite like Jana, but the process seems sweetly simple. She tells us that her portraitures always begin with the face shape and smile. The rest is pure doodle magic.


“I once drew a woman who just lost her hair from cancer treatments,” Jana explains her most memorable sitting. “She had me draw her bald, it was the first time she went bald in public! It was an honor and a very special moment.”  READ MORE >>

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Sep 3, 2014 >> Back-to-School with Jourdan Fairchild [VIDEO]

We’re getting schooled in DIY with master crafter Jourdan Fairchild. As part of our Art-focused September issues, we’re celebrating Jourdan’s new e-book Fly DIY with a boozy back to school special! Let’s put a disclaimer on that: the boozy part is for the parents and the back-to-school part is for the kiddos. Armed with a boatload of supplies, Jourdan cues up collegiate color combos for an easy DIY that transforms boring school supplies into marble-print perfection with nail polish.

GF-BLOG_Jourdan Fairchild

Watch the video below to see Jourdan take us through this crafty project with some dips, a little hips and a lot of sips. Find the detailed instructions below, along with a list of materials you’ll need to complete the project—pink bubbly not included.


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Aug 18, 2014 >> Now Boarding: #RunwayintheSky

It’s Monday morning. Just one last look in the mirror to adjust your lipstick. Grab your coffee. And you’re off. It’s just like every other Monday morning. But miles above, Southwest Airlines is having anything but a normal start to their week. And G&F was invited to come kick their case of the Mondaze, too, with a little in-flight entertainment that was right in our stylish wheelhouse.

Grab your boarding passes, fashion lovers!, it’s time for #RunwayintheSky to take off!

GF-BLOG_Magnificent Mile Shop Fest Southwest Airlines RunwayintheSky


A packed flight from LaGuardia waits on the runway to take flight for an hour and thirty six minute ride to Chicago’s Midway airport. Friendly flight attendants take orders—Bloody Mary, please!—and the gentlemen in front of us is lazily filling out the crosswords in Spirit magazine. 5 across: “Half A Dance?” Cha, we want to tell him. Little do the passengers know that this routine flight is about to get a serious dose of fashion. Aisle Style, if you will.  READ MORE >>

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Jul 28, 2014 >> Musical Theatre Trivia with Option Up! [VIDEO]

For director and choreographer Chris Pazdernik and music director Aaron Benham, up staging each other isn’t always a theatre faux pas. The two Chicago theatre pro’s—whose work includes shows with Chicago notables like the Bailiwick and Porchlight Musical Theatre—first started working together when they concepted a cabaret show at Wicker Park’s Davenport’s. A combination of extreme talent and a riotous sense of humor, the two are a match made in musical theatre heaven.


Now, with a few more theatre credits in the bag for them both, they are joining forces again for a second season of Option Up! It’s their monthly cabaret slash live talk show hybrid for musical theatre lovers. Yes, you read that correctly. With Aaron riffing on the piano while Chris goes through the comings and goings in the Chicago theatre scene, the bubbly pair welcome a diverse crew of theatre professionals to join their campy and sweet set. And like the classic saying goes: what happens on the Option Up! stage, stays on the Option Up! stage. The duo invite their guests to perform and talk shop—and from the energy they brought to our G&F shoot, we give them two thumbs up for this concept. With one season under their belt, they’re kicking off season two at Stage 773 on August 10th, performing the second Sunday of each month through November 9th.

In honor of #GFMusical month, we invite Chris and Aaron over to play a little Musical Theatre trivia—may the best Broadway baby win.


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Jul 24, 2014 >> Meet the King of Jazz: Gus Giordano

All this month—and thanks to our #GFMusical shoot!—we’ve been highlighting some of our favorite musical theatre moments in the city. We’d be remiss to explore the creative theatre culture in Chicago without tipping our bowler cap to the king of jazz dance, Gus Giordano.


His school of dance that he ran alongside his wife Peg celebrated their 60th anniversary last year, and the glistening mecca for talented professionals and young hopefuls alike sits like a beacon along buzzing Clark Street in Andersonville. Now run by their daughter, Amy Giordano, the studio is as alive as ever. Now if you know anything about dance, you’ll immediately recognize the Gus Giordano name. Touted for creating the handbook that created Jazz dance as we know it, Gus was a master dancer, choreographer and teacher who circled the globe to deliver one faithful message: Dance is life. Oh, and the tagline: “Long Live Jazz!” of which Amy stills signs all her e-mails and cards.  READ MORE >>

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Jul 18, 2014 >> We Brigadoon with Rachel Rockwell [VIDEO]

GF-BLOG_Brigadoon Goodman
Meet Rachel Rockwell. The Chicago-based director and choreographer recently took on a very tall order: the revival of Lerner and Loewe’s Brigadoon. And what a milestone it is! It’s the first splashy stage version of the Broadway classic  in over thirty years. What’s more? Handpicked by Liza Lerner, daughter of famed lyricist Jay Lerner, Rachel armed herself with a talented team of theatre professionals to remount one of the most unique stories in musical theatre history.  READ MORE >>

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Jul 11, 2014 >> #GFMusical Behind the Scenes [VIDEO]

Strap on those character shoes and tighten that dance belt! All this month, we’re bringing you our Musical Theatre favorites, anchored by #GFMusical “Steam Heat!” A celebration of all things Summer swim—styled in honor of the Great White Way.

With a star-studded team—including NY-based photographer Billy Rood, LA-based choreographer Kathryn Burns and America’s Next Top Model favorite Jaslene Gonzalez—G&F presents an explosion of lights, camera and a whole lot of action. We’re tipping our hats to the classic American musical and we had a helluva a fun time doing it.

Come take a peek behind the scenes with the G&F team from the model casting to the final glitzy shoot. We guarantee that you’ll be humming your favorite Broadway tune in no time at all.

See the #GFMusical “Steam Heat!” video here

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Jul 9, 2014 >> #5Minutes with #GFMusical Choreographer Kathryn Burns

You may have tapped your toes to our #GFMusical “Steam Heat” Summer Swim editorial—if not, you totally should here! And behind the smell of the grease paint and a few pas de bourrées, there was a hardworking team making it all happen for our Summer Culture issue. Meet Kathryn Burns, the choreographer who created the movement for “Steam Heat!”

GF-BLOG_Kathryn Burns GFMusical Steam Heat

The LA-based choreographer and dancer has been making quite a name for herself in the biz, recently choreographing Pharrel’s acclaimed 24 hours of Happy music video. In all its brilliant joy and sweet indulgence, Kathryn’s unique and bubbly style is at full effect: she’s brave, she’s bold and she lets the dancers’ bodies dictate the movement structure. Such is the case with “Steam Heat!” where we cast Chicago-based models with a range of dance experience in the roles of our chorus girls. The rest is sweet dance history.

We catch up with Kathryn to talk inspiration, her musical theatre crush and the importance of mousercising at an early age. >>

Let’s get to the heart of it, how did you develop movement for #GFMusical?
I was, of course, inspired by Fosse’s choreography to “Steam Heat” but wanted to stay true to the rad original track  with a hip hop vibe mixed by DJ Matt Roan for G&F so I used the “Walk it Out Fosse” video as a reference. I liked how what I called the “Fosse Gangster Lean” from The Pajama Game in which the models lean back and bounce their hips with their arms alternating in front. I also wanted to create original movement that was Fosse-esque but beat driven and cool for the hip hop section. For example, the “Head Nod” was found by keeping it Fosse and isolating a single part of the body and combining the models’ power stance with hands on hips and keeping the beat with the head nod.

Favorite moments on the #GFMusical set? 
One of my favorite moments wasn’t on the set but during prep. G&F creative director Graham was showing me the props he was bringing to set and used the vintage mic to serenade me with his rendition of “What I did For Love”, complete with a spotlight and handsome piano accompanist.  READ MORE >>

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Jul 3, 2014 >> #GFMusical Facebook Cover Photos!

Theatre geeks—we know you’re out there. Because we have to admit it, we are too. We’re celebrating an entire issue of Musical Theatre fun—kicking off with our #GFMusical “Steam Heat” fashion feature + film—and we want you to celebrate along with us. Click on any of the Facebook cover photos below, drag to your desktop and upload!

Be sure to tag us on Facebook + tweet us @GlossedandFound with #GFMusical if you use one of the ones below. Enjoy, and LONG LIVE MUSICAL THEATRE! >>






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Jul 2, 2014 >> G&F’s Summer Culture Guide 2014

GF-BLOG_Summer Culture Guide

Searching for something fun to do? A little off the beaten path? We’re dishing up a list of awesome events around the city that will hopefully get you up and out of your local neighborhood spot. We combed through some of Chicago’s best musicals, plays, concerts and art exhibits to bring you our favorites to celebrate summer in style. From Broadway classics to underground pop acts, this is a must-see list for those who are looking for a little something different this season. Get inspired and learn something new through the arts, but we must warn you–be careful with all this F-U-N.  READ MORE >>

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Jul 2, 2014 >> We go backstage with Rachel Tucker of The Last Ship [VIDEO]

It’s G&F’s Summer Culture Issue—and we’re going crazy for all things musical theatre. While we love the classics—our latest fashion editorial was a tribute to the jazz legend Bob Fosse!—we’ve got our eyes on the horizon as well. And pulling in at full steam is The Last Ship. With music by Sting, the brand new musical previewing in Chicago before its Broadway debut is a story of an English seafaring town on a quest to preserve their daily grind: the shipyard.


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Jun 30, 2014 >> Summer challenge: A Juice a Day!

GF-BLOG_Juice Rx Recipes

From an herb field guide to peachy keen recipes, we’ve served up some serious green goodies in our G&F Green Goddess Issue. Now we’re challenging you to get creative with your produce. On your mark, get set, juice! But wait… us first-timers may have some questions.

Between Whole Foods aisles and yoga classes, the term juicing gets tossed around a lot, but are you maximizing the benefits of your juice? We enlisted the help of JuiceRx Founder Dean Kasal (our token gent in the Green Goddess issue) to clear up some common misconceptions about juicing and serve up some delicious recipes.  READ MORE >>

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Jun 26, 2014 >> We go On The Ledge for Container Gardening [VIDEO]

It’s G&F’s Green Goddess issue! From al fresco food and herbing 101, we’ve met some fab females doing good in the name of all things outdoors. And here’s another one to add to the list: Joanne Green of On the Ledge Landscaping.

With a name like Joanne Green, it must be destiny to end up a gardener. But you need a lot more than a last name to make it in the biz. With a background in landscaping that has spanned the globe—Joanne’s had work visas in London, Amsterdam, Tokyo and Beijing!—she’s now focusing on chic city dwellers and adding a little pop of floral fun to small spaces in the city.

G&F co-host Candis Hickman catches up with Joanne outdoors to get some of the basics down. From picking out punchy flowers like the Patriot Bright Violet Geranium to learning some lingo, Candis and Joanne concoct an overflowing flower box that is delightful and will stay bright and cheery well into the Fall.  READ MORE >>

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Jun 23, 2014 >> Al Fresco Fun and Healthy Eats

The season for meals al fresco is in full force—case and point: we caught up with Momma Cuisine to talk through two simple recipes for summer patio fun in this week’s G&F Interview. While the warm weather gets people outside, sometimes spontaneous cocktail hours turn to over indulgence. Since we’re talking all things green this issue, it’s the perfect time to dish our favorite healthy menu items at restaurants around the city.


They may not be 100% guilt-free, but these nutritious bites supersede the boring bowl of romaine or excessive visits to your neighborhood sushi spot. Not only are these dishes delicious and healthy, we totally approve these hot spots for noshing in style (and hopefully a cool breeze, too!). From a seasonal snap pea salad to a vegan burrito, find a seat in a few of our favorite outdoor dining spots—and with ordering like this, you deserve one more round!

The Winchester
1001 N Winchester Avenue

The new patio in the back is the perfect size for a stress-free brunch—or our favorite? A fun place for a quick bite and jotting down your week’s to-do list.
G&F favorite: Nichols Farm raw snap peas, blackberry vinaigrette, quark, mint, lemon zest [PICTURED]  READ MORE >>

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Jun 16, 2014 >> G&F Casting: Summer Swim Dance Shoot

G&F CASTING_SUMMER SWIM, the on-line video magazine, is looking for fun, fresh talent for an upcoming shoot. This week, we’re shooting our Summer Swim story in Chicago and looking for models with dance training and dancers with model training to come out and step in front of the G&F lens for a chance to win a coveted spot in the fashion editorial. All details in the image above.

[ Check out G&F’s past fashion and beauty editorials here + learn more about G&F here ]

It’s a star-studded team behind this shoot: NY-based photographer and filmmaker BILLY ROOD; LA-based choreographer KATHRYN BURNS who recently choreographed Pharrell’s 24 hours of happy music video; G&F’s creative director D. GRAHAM KOSTIC is behind the concept; G&F fashion editor HELEN BERKUN will style; Chicago-based DJ MATT ROAN is mixing up a track especially for us.

Is it you we are looking for? If you’re confident, a size 2-4, 5’8″ or higher with dance training and great energy, then come out and show us what you got.

Have a question? Want more info? E-mail INFO@GLOSSEDANDFOUND.COM or tweet us @GLOSSEDANDFOUND. We’ll get right back to you.

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Jun 12, 2014 >> Get the G&F Look: Vacation-inspired Goodies

All this past month, we’ve been talking travel as we debuted our big #GFTravel + Fashion issue in Nashville (see the fashion story here and the city guide here). Yesterday, we launched our second installment of The Find, a shoppable e-market with vintage souvenirs. June is travel month for G&F. And if you don’t have plans to jet or drive off somewhere fun this summer, we apologize for all the #GFTravel talk. But to make things better, we scoured some of our favorite spots for some vacation-inspired goodies to help get you in the holiday spirit regardless of your staycation status.

G&F BLOG_Picture Perfect Beach

Inspiring photographer Gray Malin’s beachscapes will leave you immediately wanting to jump in the frame of his photos—or in this instance, a portable iPhone case. Dare we say that he’s the modern day Slim Aarons capturing the good life one striped umbrella at a time? Yes, we dare.  READ MORE >>

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May 19, 2014 >> #GFTravel Sneak Peek: Nashville Travel + Fashion Issue

Memorial Day is next weekend. And that can only mean one thing: SUMMER ROAD TRIP SEASON HAS BEGUN! Perhaps our favorite time of year—who can deny a good long weekend to recharge your long-ass-winter batteries?!—we pack up our car and head down south to Music City, USA: Nashville.

While there is plenty to do to fulfill your music needs, we explored a little deeper into the heart of the jewel of this Tenneseee town. And coming next week, we’re brining you our #GFTravel guide to a city that is stylish, laid-back and oozes southern charm for days.  From sippin’ Moonshine to naughty needlepoints, catch a peek at our wild ride in Nashville and check back into after Memorial Day for the full #GFTravel guide + fashion issue.

Until then, follow us on Instagram and check out the hashtag #GFTravel to follow our travels + see behind the scenes of our #GFTravel Sneak Peek party. 

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May 14, 2014 >> KO! We get a Boxing 101 lesson [VIDEO]

Meet Efrain Torres. He’s a boxer. And a good one at that. To celebrate the G&F Men’s Issue, we head to Reach: Beyond Fitness to get in the ring with this pro. From a jump rope warm-up—that we totally need to practice more—to the proper form for the jab 1-2, we work. it. out.

And even though we’re not getting in the ring for regular competitions (although we wouldn’t mind getting our hands on a killer embroidered silk robe), we’ve found a heart-pounding, fist-pumping work out that’s worth its weight in a one of those cool ass champion belts. Watch this G&F extra to wet your whistle on the art of the punch.

Reach: Beyond Fitness, 1709 W. Chicago Avenue. Visit for times + classes. 

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May 12, 2014 >> Sportsman’s Club mixes up The Dapper Dram for us [VIDEO]

We’re taking you behind the bar of Chicago’s newest craft cocktail tavern, Sportsman’s Club. Beverage Director Wade McElroy walks us through the ultimate summer concoction (and a G&F exclusive cocktail!) for our Men’s Issue. Nestled between Humboldt Park and Ukranian Village, this neighborhood spot has a revolving menu changing daily to satisfy all thirsty tastebuds. Stop in for a game of cordial checkers or post up at the back patio. From the mounted antlered taxidermy to the mallard-clad stemware, we’re cozying up to this new watering hole all summer long. Take a look at how to mix up The Dapper Dram, the perfect warm weather drink:


Glossed and Found

May 7, 2014 >> Quick! Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Ditch the lotion sets and gifts cards this year and give mom something to celebrate life’s little pleasures. We rounded up bright and beautiful Mother’s Day gifts guaranteed to ward off seasonal effects from the very long winter and kick-start mom’s spring spirit. And because you’re really down to the wire with the gifting this year—Mother’s Day is on Sunday, May 11th!—all these items are available NOW in store. We’re rethinking traditional presents in fun and functional forms for a very inspired Mom’s day treat.

Read on to see our Mother’s Day picks with price points for every budget—we’re confident there is something for every mom on your list. Because after all, she really deserves the very best.

G&F BLOG_Mothers Day

Soap may not be the most exciting thing, but we love the faux gemstone packaging. The rose quartz grapefruit scent will surely be a hit.

Even the most loved mom needs a reminder ever now and again. Store odds and ends, cosmetics or even her favorite child’s mementos in this super duper cute pouch.  READ MORE >>

Glossed and Found

Apr 22, 2014 >> You’re Invited! G&F Summer Travel Sneak Peek

All this week, we’re getting our road trip fix on with a jaunt to Nashville, TN. Don’t believe us? Follow us on Instagram and search #GFTravel to see our trip unfold. We’re shooting our honky tonk hearts out in the music capital of the U.S of A for our annual Summer Fashion + Travel Issue (out late May). But we can’t just have all this fun and not share it with you.

We’re teaming up with Cadillac on Thursday, May 8th to give you a sneak peek to the Summer Travel issue. And to top it off? We’ve got a host of our favorite Summer Travel essentials lined up to provide one-of-a-kind opportunities and tastings for our guests. From monogrammed Henry + Belle jeans to a first taste of the cold pressed juices from the brand new Owen + Alchemy, it’s our favorite luxuries to get us in the road trip spirit. Come snack, sip and shop while checking out the ultimate in cross town (and country!) ride: the Cadillac electric ELR. Check out the invite below and RSVP today:

G&F BLOG_Cadillac May 8th Event