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Mar 4, 2015 >> Sneak Peek: Miami Beach Travel Getaway

We kicked our snow boots to the curb—seriously, sayonara!—to head south to Miami Beach for our annual Winter Weekend Getaway issue. The glittering jewel on the Atlantic Ocean, Miami welcomed us with open arms. For a week, we holed up at the Thompson Hotel Miami Beach—thanks to Mr & Mrs Smith’s Flee the Frost promo (check out details here).

From our chic perch at the cozy Mid-century designed boutique hotel, we welcomed a host of colorful Miami-based personalities that talked with us about their city’s style, fun-in-the-sun and inspiration. Here’s a little taste to tide you over—the full issue launches in all its sunny glory next Wednesday, March 11th.

Until then, follow our creative director on instagram for behind the scenes from our time in Miami.

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Feb 25, 2015 >> San Fran via Patrick Cullen of Presidio

G&F BLOG_Patrick Cullen Presidio San Francisco Favorites

We put the spotlight on Patrick Cullen, the owner behind Bucktown’s newest cocktail bar Presidio. And since his neighborhood—yet oh so chic!—joint pays homage to his love of the San Francisco Bay area, we couldn’t help but pick his foodie brain on where to sip, snack and indulge on the West Coast.

With many family members tied to the hospitality industry in San Francisco, Patrick recalls visiting his family members’ restaurants in the Bay Area as some of the highlights of his youth. Taking Midwest-roots and West Coast appreciation, he gives us a kick-ass list of bars and restaurants that will come in handy next time we find ourselves strolling the rolling streets of San Fran. Follow along below for some serious pro-tips and guide to your tastiest West Coast trip.  READ MORE >>

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Feb 25, 2015 >> Recipe Swap! Cat De Orio’s Pasta Puttanesca

G&F BLOG_Catherine Pasta Recipe

Foodie expert Cat De Orio is at our house and sharing some of our tastiest—and easiest!—recipes. We love this simple pasta dish so much that it’s become a regular in our dinner rotation during the week. So what are you waiting for? Learn this super simple recipe that’s bound to impress whoever you’re wining and dining for the night. Meet Pasta Puttanesca.  READ MORE >>

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Feb 23, 2015 >> We DIY Pasties with Frenchie Kiss [VIDEO]

G&F BLOG_Frenchie Kiss Pastie Making

Even though Valentine’s Day is over, we’re still celebrating Love Month on G&F! And what better way to spread the L-O-V-E than to invite a new friend over to our house and take our tops off. Literally. We’re learning all about the tantalizing art of burlesque pastie making in this fun and flirty DIY. Miss Frenchie Kiss aka The Temptress of Twirl takes us step-by-step on how to make the sassy and brassy accoutrement. This Burlesque Hall of Famer knows a thing or two about Oh La La’s, so she’s giving serious pointers on how to be a whirling showstopper. And according to Frechie, the only rule of burlesque pastie making is more sequins! You still might be thinking you read pastry, but drop the r—and your top!—for our most cheeky DIY video yet! Watch the video and follow the instructions below to tease and titillate like you’ve never done before.



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Feb 20, 2015 >> Snag the Look: #GFxTOPSHOP

G&F BLOG_GFxTOPSHOP Valentine's Day Makeup

It may be in the single digit temperatures in Chicago, but that didn’t stop us from channeling Spring vibes for our annual #GFxTOPSHOP Valentine’s Day event. Before thirty of our favorite girl crushes flocked to Fig & Olive, we primped our models for a fashion presentation showcasing one of our favorite spring color trends for fashion: white, blush and nudes.


And on the face? Camped out in Dorothy & Delora make up studio, Goldplaited artists Kristin Andersson and Megan Holinger set to work to create a sultry and sweet look for Ford models Asia and Stasia. The result? A nod to the 1960’s focused on the eye, a glossy lip and clean, fresh skin. This change of pace couldn’t have come at a better time. “Our clients have been gravitating toward matte skin and deep red lips this winter,” says Goldplaited cofounder Mal Strong, “and we couldn’t be more excited for dewey skin and pastels!”  READ MORE >>

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Feb 4, 2015 >> PAJAMARAMA!

After debuting our Pajama Game editorial—check it here!—we couldn’t help but want to share more. After all, we know you love the behind the scenes shots of any G&F shoot. You’re welcome. Oh, and if you missed the fashion film—it’s for you, too. You’re welcome. Again.

See The Pajama Game editorial here

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Feb 4, 2015 >> Getting our Mac on with Bon Macaron

G&F BLOG_Bon Macaron
There’s something so romantic about macarons. Maybe it’s the charming color scheme or maybe it’s every dreamy bite of meringue. One thing is certain, we’re falling head over heels for the newest West Town jaunt, Bon Macaron. We’re not the only ones enchanted by the little French pastry, Bon Macaron owner Catherine Cooper has been obsessed since she started making them in culinary school at Ecole Ferrandi Paris. She’s the real deal, folks.

Right in time for Valentine’s day, Catherine is telling us about the greatest result of adoration: imitation. “The history of the macaron is part of the charm for me,” says Catherine. “The beautiful colors and flavors, history and skill involved. It takes hard work, determination and practice.” Catherine opened her shop in 2013 and knew she wanted to recreate the European macaron stateside. Traditionally macarons are gluten free—made with almond meal and no flour. Due to demand, Catherine runs a strict gluten free kicthen, one of the only ones in the city.



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Feb 4, 2015 >> Kelley + Black want you to be Lucky in Love

G&F BLOG_Kelley + Black Valentines

February’s main event is here: Valentine’s Day. And we love it like everyone else—so much so that we’re jumping for joy in our big VDay PJ shoot! Don’t be a newb and blow your gift on chocolates and stuffed animals. Going that extra thoughtful mile always makes a difference. Kelley + Black are making it easier than ever to give your Valentine something special and unique. Kelley + Black bring together artists and art enthusiasts, so what better day than Valentine’s Day to express your fondness through art.  READ MORE >>

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Jan 30, 2015 >> In the Tiki Room! Meet Lost Lake [VIDEO]

G&F BLOG_Paul McGee Lost Lake Tiki (1)

In their first ten days of business, the new kitschy Logan Square tiki bar Lost Lake has plucked 8,022 pineapple leaves, cracked 200 coconuts, twisted 7,003 bendy straws and perfected 617 banana dolphins. If you’re judging by the numbers, it’s safe to say that Lost Lake has found a pretty crazy niche in the Chicago bar scene. But that’s par for the course for tiki master Paul McGee, who you may know from former River North tropical hotspot Three Dots and a Dash. The bearded barman has teamed up with Martin Cate of San Francisco’s Smuggler’s Cove fame to deliver an uber-tropical respite to cure your seasonal depression disorder. And then some.

Now the new beverage director of Longman & Eagle’s parent company Land and Sea Dept, McGee is committed to delivering the most authentic tiki experience possible. Decked out in—duh!—Hawaiian shirts, the waitstaff bounces behind the bar to a mix of island music and serves up a rum two punch of caribbean cocktails with modern twists. Paul’s favorite? “The Cocoanut Grove Cooler because It’s tropical, complex and slightly smoky,” he says. And for you tiki-fanatics/history buffs out there, the name is a bamboo nod to one of the pioneers of the South Seas-inspired bars that had a massive fire in the ’40’s. And that’s what we love: there’s a little history and a little mystery behind every well-dressed mai tai here.



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Jan 30, 2015 >> Star Crossed Spirits at Headquarters Beercade

G&F BLOG_Headquarters Beercade Couples Cocktails

Headquarters Beercade knows a thing or two about creating the perfect pair—home of the delightful hybrid of an arcade + a  bar = beercade! And since it’s Valentine’s Day, we’re all imbibing with a little romance. We enlisted the help of head mixologist at HQ, Tim Williams, to shake us up a pair of cocktails suitable for modern day lovers. And what’s so special about these delectable drinks? Like any romantic chemistry, there are plenty of ways to mix a similar drink. So Tim took the same ingredients, changed the liquor base then created two like-minded cocktails that are perfect pairs of each other.


Inspired by Hearts Day, we’re showing you how to serve up a couples cocktails with two recipes that complement each other perfectly. Watch above to see how Tim shakes and stirs these star-crossed spirits into perfection. For his and hers. Or hers and hers. Or his and his. Or his and his and hers. And snag the recipes below to try at home.  READ MORE >>

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Jan 26, 2015 >> Bear-y Cute! #5MinutesWith Savera Iftikhar

G&F BLOG_savvy stuff bear cowl


It feels so right to be knotty sometimes, so we’re talking with the woman behind the cutest crochets we ever did see. Savvy Stuff’s etsy shop features cuddly creations and unique jewelry, but we’re totally hooked on the adorable bearcowls—handmade and warm enough for even a Chicago winter! As a self-taught crocheter, Savera Iftikhar never learned to read or write crochet patterns. Instead of a hinderance, this lead to many imaginative ideas and creations, including the ewok-esque bearcowl.  READ MORE >>

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Jan 26, 2015 >> Snag These At Home Beauty Recipes

G&F BLOG_sarah baker_1

We know winter can often be the evil villain in your quest for healthy beauty. Never fear! We’re throwing shade at those low temps with three at-home beauty treatments to renew your winter skin. The best part? You can whip up these remedies with items from your pantry. We enlisted the help of Sarah Baker, Chicago-based health and lifestyle consultant, founder of Chicago’s newest wellness retreat series, Be Healthful, and the force behind Sarah knows a thing—or five!—about keeping a glowing and healthy figure. Her wellness retreat, Be Healthful, brings together the top integrative health and wellness practitioners to connect women who share a passion for holistic health.

We cozied up at Sarah’s house to bring you the best healthy beauty advice we could find. The winter ain’t no thing, so say goodbye to the blotchy spray tan, dull skin and lackluster hair. We’re hooked on Sarah’s DIY at home spa treatments—and you will be, too!

G&F BLOG_sarah baker_body scrub

THE PROBLEM: Blotchy Spray Tan (caused by the need to be tan in negative temps)
THE SOLUTION: A silky smooth body scrub
HOW-TO: Mix all ingredients together and use generously to exfoliate your body.
SARAH SAYS: When getting an organic spray tan—or when you want to slough off dry, flaky, dead skin—you need to make sure you are gently exfoliating. I like using brown sugar as an exfoliating property in my remedies because it isn’t too abrasive on my skin but it gets the job done! I use this body scrub twice a week for optimal results. I don’t exfoliate too much though because that could leave you with irritated skin, which is no bueno.  READ MORE >>

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Jan 21, 2015 >> Dance Revolution! Meet Wendy Whelan [VIDEO]

G&F BLOG_Wendy Whelan
After gracing the stage of the New York City Ballet for 30 years, Wendy Whelan curtsied into retirement last October at age 46. Never a stranger to the stage and always eager for more, Wendy launched the Wendy Whelan New Works Initiative to commission and tour, you guessed it, new work. Her first project from the Initiative is “Restless Creature,” a traveling performance of duets by four male choreographers.

Whelan is set to perform Wednesday at the Harris Theater to a sold out house, so we had to meet up with the Prima Ballerina to learn about life after three decades at the New York City Ballet. We chat Harris Theater stageside before Wendy warms up on how she continues to embody beauty from the inside out and how that first step onto the Nutcracker stage when she was eight sealed the deal.



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Jan 20, 2015 >> #5MinutesWith Sebastien Lagree

G&F BLOG_Studio Lagree

In honor of our Healthy Beauty Issue, G&F’s contributing fashion editor—and total health nut!—Helen Berkun gets #5MinutesWith fitness innovator Sebastien Lagree. We love the blonde bombshell’s philosophy of being the best you can be from the inside out. Sebastien often describes his empire of workouts, patented machines and studios as a lifestyle brand, not just a fitness brand. The Lagree Method extends well beyond a workout—helping restore the body’s natural balance to create a lithe and powerful body, resistant to the everyday stresses of work and life. Inspired by Pilates, Lagree invented “The Megaformer”, a system of resistance and counter resistance used to place muscles under constant tension and work them to failure point. The no impact program features targeted exercises performed at a slow and controlled pace with a combination of a core-burning workout that blends Pilates, cardio and strength training. Basically: it’s bad ass. Celebs are even hooked: Sofia Vergara bought “The Megaformer” for her house.

Read on to learn some expert secrets as Helen works out with the man himself! Lagree gives pointers on getting the best out of your workouts and gaining happiness through health, from the inside out. Oh, and who’s butt he’d love to have.  READ MORE >>

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Jan 12, 2015 >> Let’s Get Juiced: Four Favorite Juices

G&F BLOG_G&F Juice Recipes

Let’s face it: there are a lot of juice recipe combos out there. If you can find that prized recipe, your juicing street cred gets knocked up a few notches. You know the recipe we’re talking about. Just the right amount of kale. Not too much lemon. Maybe a handful of mint. But finding time to perfect your favorite juice is not very realistic.

Until then, we’re adding four more juices to tack on to your rotation that we tested out on our ‘Let’s Get Juiced’ Spring Beauty shoot. Trust us: these ones are delicious.


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Jan 12, 2015 >> We’re handing it to the Chicago Puppet Fest

G&F BLOG_Chicago International Puppet Festival

Say hello to Chicago’s newest cultural festival—Chicago International Puppet Theater Festival. The 10-day fest will showcase a captivating and eclectic lineup of puppet styles from around the world including marionettes, shadow puppets and other innovative styles of contemporary puppetry. Our favorite venues around the city will converge to present the inaugural fest, including The Art Institute of Chicago, Field Museum and Chicago History Museum. Follow along as we channel our inner Jim Hensen and give all you puppet newbies our top show picks for the fest.

We couldn’t resist trying our hand at the great art of puppetry! We’re learning puppet manipulation 101 with the co-curators of the Nasty, Brutish, and Short puppet cabaret, a mini-fest within the fest featuring works that mash up classic stories into dark & twisty, humorous, tender and everything in between.



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Jan 12, 2015 >> #5MinutesWith: Juicing + Selfies

G&F BLOG_Liquid Cool_1


We’re kicking off our first issue of 2015 with a mix of style—and a whole of juicing! To celebrate our ‘Let’s Get Juiced’ feature, we asked a five creative babes with a penchant for healthy living to dish their guilty juicing pleasures. The result? A tell-all of New Year’s Resolutions + the sweetest selfies to boot.

WHITNEY MIDDLETON, creative director eDrop-off
Favorite juice recipe?
The greener, the better! I immediately feel revived & healthier when I have one. I love the Green blend at Trader Joe’s because it’s got a whole pound of spinach in there! It tastes nice, too.

How do you start your day?
After not hitting snooze (a 2015 goal!), I get up and drink a pint glass of water with lemon before a very necessary cup of coffee. My TV is always tuned to WGN Morning News because laughter is my #1 mental-health workout.

New Year Resolutions?
To broaden my horizons and subsequently welcome whatever that brings into my life… and to stop hitting snooze.  READ MORE >>

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Dec 23, 2014 >> G&F Holiday Flashback!

At G&F, we take the Holidays very seriously. Very seriously, indeed. And each year brings on new Holiday fun as well as taking a peek back at our past Holiday antics to kick ourselves in high Holiday spirit.

But why do we get to have all the fun? Follow along at the links below to check out our big Holiday shoots. From Gift Guides to Sing-a-Longs (and even a blushing Mr. Claus), we’ve got lots of spirited energy in the G&F Holiday archives. CLICK IMAGES BELOW TO SEE THE STORIES >>




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Dec 22, 2014 >> The Fig & Walnut Julep at Fig & Olive [VIDEO]

G&F BLOG_Fig & Olive Holiday Drink

The Holidays: Straight Ahead! But come unarmed to your family’s festivities, and you may have a long night ahead of you of botched carols and bad egg nog. Start the season off right with an inspired cocktail that will surely help all spirits be merry and bright—especially yours. And anytime we’re feeling uninspired, our favorite perch to perk up is in the Gold Coast. Fig & Olive, the glittering jewel of the Happy Hour set is decked out in Holiday cheer this time of year, and we belly up to the bar to learn the how-to on a classic cocktail from their menu that has a very festive slant.

Meet the Fig & Walnut Julep. Their part namesake cocktail mixes the soft, fruity tones of St. Germain, port and muddled black figs with the depth of Bourbon. Yes. It sounds as good as it tastes. And for those of you who can’t find the perfect fig this time of year—isn’t it Figgy pudding season somewhere?!—Fig & Olive recommends pomegranate seeds as an substitute. [Mixologist note: Up the simple syrup in the recipe slightly to balance out the pomegranate tartness].

Learn the Fig & Walnut Julep recipe >>  READ MORE >>

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Dec 18, 2014 >> New Year’s at Nellcôte

G&F BLOG_nellcote new year's eve

The Holiday Hustle is ON, people! While everyone is trimming the tree and wrapping gifts—need some help in that arena? We’ve got you, people!—we’re also thinking about that very special day that needs no introduction: New Year’s Eve.

This year, we’re saying Oh La La to the NYE. Nellcôte, the hotbed for a fancy night out in a well-appointed—and massive!—West Loop space, is hosting a New Year’s fete to fete all New Year’s fetes. Aptly titled “Party Under the Chandeliers,” Nellcôte’s chic and high-energy atmosphere will be transformed to up the ante for NYE fun. What do we love? We’re excited for DJ Lani Love’s curated beats (She tells us the night will start along the lines of The Knack “My Sharona” and into super fun throwback 90’s and 00’s like Mack Morrison’s “Return of the Mack.” #YesLaniLoveYes). Oh, and after a glass or two of bubbly, wood-fired pizzas from Executive Chef Jared Van Camp. Oh, and at midnight, champagne and macaroons will be passed—how very French of them! And here’s a tip: for a VIP ticket and up, you can also get access to RM Champagne Salon. Très chic!

Watch as Nellcôte bar director Mea Leach dolls out a French 75 >>


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Dec 10, 2014 >> Backstage at the Goodman’s A Christmas Carol [VIDEO]

Now in it’s 37th year, the Goodman Theatre’s annual production of A Christmas Carol leaps colorfully off the stage and right into your heart. Cheesy as that sounds, we’re not afraid to say it. 37 years of Charles Dickens’ Scrooge finding a richer way to live filled with hope, love and charity might make some companies shudder. But for Chicago and the Goodman, it’s come to be known as the glittering benchmark of festivity for the holiday season, and this year is no different for the award winning theatre company.

G&F BLOG_Goodman A Christmas Carol Lisa Gaye Dixon

With 11 returning cast members—including Larry Yando who leads the cast for his 7th time as the cynically cathartic Ebenezer Scrooge—the production also welcomes some new Carolers to the mix. And one role in particular casts quite a sparkling impression on theatre goers. Meet Lisa Gaye Dixon playing the Ghost of Christmas Present.

Out of the four ghosts that visit Scrooge, none is more fun and frivolous than Christmas Present. Lisa lights up the stage with a sweetly contagious laugh, a brilliant scarlet red costume and multicolor glitter. Oh, the glitter. We mean a lot of glitter. At practically every line, a handful of glitter is thrust into the air—it’s her character’s exclamation point. The veteran Chicago actress is dotted with many theatrical milestones, but she puts all of herself into this role. Literally: “The laugh is actually my laugh,” she chuckles while filming our G&F Interview.


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Dec 9, 2014 >> What’s on set: Men’s Grooming Essentials


above: Groomer Kristina Feyerherm preps G&F models on set

Earlier this month, we debuted our Men’s Fall + Holiday fashion story. East London meets West in this prep school display of layered textures and dressed-up duds all washed down with an undeniably cool demeanor. To prep for this shoot, groomer Kristina Feyerherm lined up her skin and hair care essentials to create an effortless and radiant look for our two models. The result? Barely there style with the perfect products to form just the right amount of regimen for your morning routine.

We chat with the accomplished hair and make up artist to snag what’s in her bag. Ladies, listen up, we see five easy Holiday presents for the gents in your life. They can thank us later. >>  READ MORE >>

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Dec 5, 2014 >> #5MinutesWith Rachel Zoe + Robin Moraetes of DreamDry

G&F BLOG_Rachel Zoe DreamDry Chicago_1

Synonymous for all things style, Rachel Zoe has rolled into town setting up the latest incarnation of one of her fashionable businesses: DreamDry Salon. Chicago is the lucky home to the third DreamDry location—two are constantly booked solid in NYC—and the brand has cozied up on Armitage Avenue in a chicly appointed space. We mean: Did you expect anything less?

While in town, Rachel and business partner Robin Moraetes put the finishing details on the new beauty outpost. From crazy beautiful mirrors to swoon-worthy lighting fixtures—and the sweetest staff you’ll ever encounter—DreamDry is a glam girl’s haven for getting an efficient, well-priced service from a staff that is trained to know the trends. That’s the goal of DreamDry: super glam for a fraction of the cost. We like the way Robin and Rachel think.

The dynamic pair—whose mains could obviously not have looked any more chic—sat down with G&F’s creative director to talk the ultimate blowout, the perfect Holiday look and horrible hair memories they’d rather forget. >>

G&F: With two NYC salons, why Chicago next?

Robin: The women in Chicago are so style savvy. And we want to bring everyday glamor to the city and create better efficiencies for an affordable luxury every day.

Rachel: And DreamDry is for women who are on the go all the time and need to look good. And don’t have two hours to do it themselves. Me attempting to do my own hair takes me a year. The mantra of the business is having that $500 experience without spending that. People get addicted. And that’s not a bad problem for us to have.  READ MORE >>

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Dec 3, 2014 >> Holiday Glaze! We get an Update this season

GF_Blog_Update Holiday_2

With the Holiday season upon us, there is no better time to outfit your home in brassy tinsels and glam golds. In fact, we encourage it! We trek to Oak Park to visit a boutique that knows a thing or two about decking the halls in Hollywood Regency metallics. Meet Update, the chic outpost for inspired interiors set along the charming main street of downtown Oak Park.

The home design haven is a sanctuary for glistening golds and shining silver and we visit the shop on a blustery day to try our hand at gilding a few easy items to up the holiday ante for our entertaining this year. The boutique’s resident Interior decorator Bret Burdick walks us through the paces to creating the perfect shine. Watch the G&F Extra video to get a taste of the gold rush.>>

While Bret showed us something more hands-on, there is plenty to grab and go at Update to add instant glimmer to your Holiday table. We ask Bret and the Update team to share some of their favorite go-to’s for the season:

Bret says: We all have at least one or two friends who are cheese aficionados! This set is a great way to brighten up their holiday cheese tray with gleaming platinum handles.  READ MORE >>

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Nov 28, 2014 >> Small Business Saturday is (almost!) here



All this week, we’re celebrating Small Business Saturday. Smack dab in between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday is a chance to shop small at the businesses around town that make the retail landscape exciting, refreshing and unique. Can you say “Holiday Present Shopping?!”

While we featured five beauty businesses that we love to #ShopSmall at—you can check out the story here—the city is full of independent retailers whose stylish DNA is focused on great service, cool stuff and a warm welcome.  READ MORE >>

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Nov 25, 2014 >> Here Comes the Groom!

The quaint Merz Apothecary in Lincoln Square packs a serious modern punch. Don’t be fooled by the polite customer service, old fashioned product knowledge and classic wood paneling, this one-stop-shop is a hip paradise for those on the hunt to up the game in their health and beauty regimen.

How can they be so cool with the times? The family-owned business—check out their feature in our Small Business Saturday story!—stocks the dusted daily shelves with over 13,000 products. Owner Anthony Qaiyum shops for hundreds of these products to find the best new items out there and since we’re smack dab in the middle of our Men’s issue, we asked owner Anthony to pick his grooming favorites. And surprisingly, even with 13,000 products to choose from, he knew exactly what to share. Stocking stuffers? You bet your bottom dollar. See Anthony’s favorites below. >>

GF-BLOG_Merz Apothecary_2

From the perfect face tonic—yes, gents, you need that, too—to a Chicago-made comb that is a serious piece of art, Anthony dissects what should be in every modern man’s dopp kit these days. 

Anthony says: For those on your list with a beard or moustache, this compact leather set is the perfect gift. It has a very sharp scissors for accurate trimming along with a 2-in-1 comb/brush.  READ MORE >>

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Nov 24, 2014 >> It’s Pie Time!


Ready. Set. It’s Pie Time! The founder of the sweet new foodie blog + self-proclaimed pie making machine, Sana Khan visits G&F for our annual Thanksgiving special. Don’t tell mom, but we’re forgoing the turkey this year and heading straight for dessert. And Sana knows a thing or two about good tasting—and good looking!—sweet delights after dinner. Born out of love for baking thanks to her mother and her Indian family heritage, Chai & Pie Co. marries the two treats, bringing family and friends closer together over the shared love of, well, Chai & Pie. The website offers insights into Sana’s foodie travels. And bonus! A full menu of treats are available for order—can you say “Cross dessert off your Holiday wishlist?”

So what’s on tap for turkey day this year? We help Sana bake up a Salted Caramel Chocolate Pecan Pie. We’ll sum it up for you in one word: delicious. Watch the G&F Interview below to see the recipe in action (and learn more about sweet Sana). And to make it even easier this holiday season—we know you’re going to have a lot on your plate!—snag Sana’s recipe below, too!


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Nov 21, 2014 >> Who’s ready to #ShopSmall?

G&F Blog_Small Business Saturday Link

Before we start shopping for everyone else on our wish list, we’re treating ourselves to a day of indulgent beauty. And what better way to do so then to #ShopSmall. Nestled nicely between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, American Express’ SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY is celebrating its fifth year, supporting local businesses on Saturday, November 29th whose MO is providing exceptional products and services for the neighborhood set.

See the five beauty brands we visited for our #ShopSmall story here.

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Nov 20, 2014 >> Chicago In Focus: Warby Parker Frame Studio

GF-BLOG_warby parker


It may feel like—gasp!—seven degrees outside but for NY-based eyeglass brand Warby Parker, they are still urging people to #SmileChicago.

Popping up along Lincoln Park’s once glam shopping destination, Armitage Avenue, Warby Parker’s sleek seasonal storefront space is following in the footsteps of other brands who have similar grass roots vibes in revitalizing the charming block. From relative newbies like Berco’s Popcorn and Le Pain Quotidien to the nearly thirty year reign of Art Effect, Warby Parker Frame Studio breathes new life into the Lincoln Park shopping street.

So what’s in store in this store, you ask? With a pop-up concept that is perfectly timed for Holiday pictures—we’ll get to that in a second!—the cozy space features a Video Jukebox for customers to check out retro VHS titles on a big comfy couch as well as geek out at a wall of vintage cameras from A&A Studios. A super creative space to come try on some frames, kick it with friends or just get out of the cold for a few minutes.  READ MORE >>

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Nov 19, 2014 >> #5MinutesWith Andrew Chen of 3sixteen

For our men’s issue, we explored the far reaches of the city, talking shop with Jay Michael of Flats Chicago and shooting our men’s fashion editorial in the design-friendly building of the cutting edge housing firm. And now, the booming cultural and retail hub of Chicago’s Andersonville neighborhood just got a little more manly thanks to the opening of Notre on Clark Street’s popular shopping strip.

GF-BLOG_3Sixteen Denim

Founded by four dudes who have a knack for the good stuff when it comes to men’s wares. Notre’s goal is a high-end experience with a casual and cool approach (read: they want you to come hang out in their store, gents). And when it comes to cool, they’re stocking the shelves with some serious contenders in the fashion scene. One brand in particular is 3sixteen denim. The NY-based brand’s focus on creating purposeful garments with an eye for construction and an acute attention to detail has put them on the map as the go-to pant for rough-and-tumble dapper dan. Andrew Chen, founder and owner of 3sixteen, popped by the opening party of Notre earlier this month and we stole some time with the jean guy to talk buying new denim, Chicago eats and the highly debated jean short.  READ MORE >>

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Nov 4, 2014 >> G&F Top Three: Culture Fix!

In this week’s issue, we’re celebrating the arts in all forms with interviews with the artistic team behind Beyond the Aria, the first collaboration between the Lyric Opera and the Harris Theatre as well as the curator of costumes of Chicago History Museum who is about to launch one of the most ambitious exhibitions to date at the Lincoln Park museum: Chicago Styled: Fashioning the Magnificent Mile.

GF-BLOG_Culture Fix

While these two itineraries might make for a perfect end cap to your weekend, we’ve got a few other cultural explorations that are must-do’s as well. And just in time, too! It’s only a matter of moments before the airwaves get inundated with Holiday songs. So before the tinsel goes up—yes, we said it!—take advantage of a few crash courses in culture. From Dance Chicago, a month long explosion of all things, well, Dance to meeting one of the most prolific names in the fashion industry, it’s time to tune in and explore your creative side before the Holiday rush.

Through November 9th, 2014

Celebrating its 25th year, the Chicago Humanities Festival is an explosion of everything cool. Bold statement, we know, but we’ve got to call a spade a spade. With programming from notables like Anne Rice, Angelica Huston and Top Chef Masters winner Marcus Samuelsson to explorations in art, music and film, the line-up is impressive for the curious-minded. While the 25th season wraps up on Sunday, November 9th, we’re picking a few of our favorite seminars that might just make your upcoming weekend a little more bright. Shall we interest you in Blues By Bus, a bus tour of Chicago highlighting favorite landmarks in Blues history? Or maybe The Sounds of Freedom, celebrating the place of gospel music in the civil rights movement? Or perhaps Mermaids in Paradise featuring author Lydia Millet’s newest work. >>  READ MORE >>

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Oct 27, 2014 >> Spice up your Halloween with this recipe [VIDEO]

We’re cooking the ultimate fall dish perfect for entertaining guests with Kiki Luthringshausen, foodie expert and blogger of Beauty and Her Feast. Kiki leads us through a how-to to whip up a fideo with mushrooms and chorizo: a spin on a classic paella. And since it’s the season of playing dress-up—as if we needed an excuse!—we’re getting all picante in the kitchen with this spanish dish and costumes to match. Watch on to see the step-by-step: costumes not required.


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Oct 27, 2014 >> It’s Vaportini time! We check out the latest drink craze [VIDEO]


We’re getting spooky with spirits at mEAT restaurant in their Streeterville location with co-founder John Dalton. mEAT offers gourmet skewers, fondue, paleo and gluten free menu options, and molecular cocktails that a cook, health nut, or chemist could all appreciate on the same palate. John slips the fondue for this segment and brews us up a Vaportini—a drink that’s inhaled rather than swallowed.

With the help of some heat—and maybe black magic!—we heat up some alcohol and watch the crystal ball fill up with vapor. Breath into the Halloween spirit and Stop by mEAT to get a whiff of this ghoulish cocktail. Bonus points if you dress up like your favorite villain.


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Oct 24, 2014 >> Feel Good Beauty: Hamsa Center [VIDEO]

GF-BLOG_Monica Yearwood Hamsa

For our Feel Good Beauty Issue, we’re getting grounded with the ancient practices of Ayurveda (Eye-Yur-Vay-Da for those of you who want to let it roll off the tongue like a yogi). A system of traditional Hindu medicine, Ayurveda translates to “life knowledge” which is gained through our relationship with the environment. What better person to chat these principles than with Ayurveda pro Monica Yearwood, owner of Hamsa Center. We sit at her Lakeview studio to talk incorporating these ancient philosophies into a modern lifestyle to create a harmonious mind/body balance.


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Oct 20, 2014 >> We Werq it out at Pilates ProWorks [VIDEO]

GF-BLOG_Pilates ProWorks

It’s no secret regular exercise is one of the keys to healthy skin. Physical activity promotes healthy circulation and blood flow to skin cells for healthy and luminous skin. But blah blah blah… you already know all that jazz. So we’re upping our game in the name of healthy skin and beauty! And since we’re talking about everything feel good beauty this issue, we’re working up a sweat at the new Pilates ProWorks in Lincoln Park.


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Oct 15, 2014 >> #5MinutesWith Jeraldine Mendoza [VIDEO]

Meet Jeraldine Mendoza, the prima ballerina who is about to take center stage in the first ever production of Swan Lake by award winning Chicago-based ballet company, the Joffrey. Inspired by Edgar Degas, the ballet-within-a-ballet combines classical elements with a modern vision and a touch of fantasy—and of course!—breathtaking choreography.

GF-BLOG_Swan Lake

Jeraldine embodies the grace and beauty of a world-class ballerina, but doesn’t let her unique personality and style disappear into the wings. She has caught the attention of the public eye as a recipient of the pretigious Leonore Annenberg Fellowship Fund and you can even keep up with her adventures through her blog, A Window Seat View: Fly With Me.


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Oct 15, 2014 >> Get Centered at Rooted [VIDEO]

Here at G&F, we’re ready to try anything. And in the spirit of our Feel Good Beauty Issue, we’re tapping into our inner hippie to explore self-expression in new ways to feel good from the inside out. We headed to Wicker Park’s brand new establishment, Rooted Self Expression Center, to explore our inner awareness with a movement and voice class. Shruti Sekhri, the Founder and Chief Self Expressionist at Rooted, explains the importance of genuine connections along with acceptance and love for ourselves:.

GF-BLOG_Rooted Self Expression Center

“We have hit a tipping point where we are tired of getting lost in our smart phones.  We’re beginning to become aware of how numbing the constant ‘connection’ can be—a need to awaken our souls. We are at the start of a movement where emotional self care is important.”

Agreed. Period. We try our hand at a full immersion class at Rooted to see if we can tap into our inner lovechild. Watch our G&F Extra video below to see us unwind and connect within >>