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Jan 20, 2016 >> The Southwest Style Guide

G&F BLOG_Janet Smith Peterson Click Thru

We picked the brain of uber-talent Janet Smith-Peterson of The Sundance Gallery. With over 30 years of experience buying, selling and collecting Native American art and jewelry, we turned to her to help us curate our very own collection. Read more here.


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Jan 20, 2016 >> Blue Corn Cupcakes? OK!

G&F BLOG_John Rivera Sedlar Cupcake Recipe

In our latest G&F Travel feature—see the full trip here—we ran around with some of the most creative folks in New Mexico. One of the talented crew, Chef John Rivera Sedlar, shared a family recipe from his grandmother Eloisa that left us wanting lots—and lots!—more. Snag the recipe below:  READ MORE >>

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Dec 29, 2015 >> The Best of 2015!

We’re suckers for capital F-U-N. We’re totally, absolutely, undeniably mad for the stuff. Wherever we find it, we take it—or perhaps it finds us? Either way, we’re looking back on an entire year of it in the form of inspired travel, fantastic fashion and lots of signature G&F laughs.

GF-BLOG_Best of Style GF-BLOG_Best of Found

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Dec 29, 2015 >> Winter Greens Reinvented!

G&F Blog_Christine Janda

We invited design enthusiast Christine Janda to our Holiday Detox & Retox night—see the event here!—to help spread some extra holiday cheer. Armed with winter greens and trimmings that would make the Walnut Room jealous, Christine walked guests through a simple 101 on making the perfect floral crowns for the season. But what happens when all the presents are unwrapped and the winter green swag on your door starts to sag? We asked Christine a few ways to revitalize your happy winter greens and other oddball trimmings to usher in a brand new year of cool. Her answers? Uber creative, unfussy and oh-so-sweet—just like her. 


  1. Mix Your Metals with Pine: Snip a few branches off your fresh tree at Christmas. 
  2. Find a tall vessel, one that won’t tip. Strip the pine needles off of the lower half of the branch, to fit nicely into your vase.
  3. Spray metallic gold, bronze and silver paint onto your branches. Place inside your vase for a dramatic, gilded, New Years Eve centerpiece. 


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Dec 8, 2015 >> On set with Drury Lane’s White Christmas

G&F BLOG_Drury Lane White Christmas

Want to see the magic of the Holidays come to life on the Drury Lane stage? Enter Irving Berlin’s White Christmas. Directed by Drury Lane’s Artistic Director William Osetek and choreographed by Matt Crowle, this holiday mainstay follows two former Army buddies turned Broadway stars who follow a pair of starlet sisters all the way to a Vermont inn, where they’re set  to perform. From scenic design to creative costumes to explosive song and dance, Drury Lane’s White Christmas will engulf you in this timeless holiday tale.

But behind all the sequins and falling snow—Yes! Lots of falling snow!—there’s a whole lot more to this joyful production. Christmas nostalgia abounds with a stacked line-up of unforgettable tunes like Blue Skies, Count Your Blessings and, of course, White Christmas. And with every musical number, a more impressive and show-stopping dance follows suit.



Glossed and Found


G&F BLOG_Paramount Events Holiday Dish

What better way to spread holiday cheer than with a delicious dish that’s easy to prep and totally shareable—and did we mention delicious?! We rustled through the recipe box of Chef Devon Quinn, the talented tastebuds behind Paramount Events, for a one-plate wonder perfect for holiday festivities. The result? Serrano ham wrapped pork tenderloin atop whipped mashed potatoes and sprinkled with brightly colored seasonal vegetables. We knew you’d like that.

Devon is no stranger to mastering flavors for special gatherings. As Executive Chef at Paramount Events, he creates custom catering menus for events around the city and knows just the right tips and tricks to take something basic and make it memorable. “There are some really great spices out there–zaatar, smoked paprika, togarashi, ras el hanout, and yellow curry paste,” explains Devon. “Pan roast cauliflower in olive oil, add some whole chilies. Allow them to blister and then dust with zaatar.” So there you have it, how to—literally!—spice up your life.



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Nov 3, 2015 >> Spa Review: Equinox’s Pumpkin Facial

G&F BLOG_Spa at Equinox Fall Pumpkin Facial

It’s that time of year—the awkward days in between the Halloween Hangover and an onslaught of Christmas decor creeping in your local Target. Before you start your guerrilla attack on your Holiday wishlists and the newest Turkey recipe craze, take some time to indulge in pampering yourself.  READ MORE >>

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Oct 26, 2015 >> G&F Halloween: Elvis-Inspired Goodies [VIDEO]

G&F BLOG_Elvis Inspired Halloween

It’s that time of year again to welcome another edition of Glossed & Found’s Halloween specials. This year we’re paying homage to the King of Rock ‘n Roll. We’re hip swingin’, lip curlin’ and hubba hubba-in’ over three easy DIY’s that razzle dazzle. With the help of floral designer supreme Christine Noelle, we’re upgrading your standard succulents into 1950’s Graceland-inspired plants, transforming basic sunnies into sparkling superstars and mixing up a Hunka Hunka Burning Love Margarita.These Elvis-inspired pieces are perfect for any spooktacular event—or just a darn good excuse to have some glitter-filled fun. 


What’s a King without his aviators and chops? We procured only the best and brightest rhinestones to craft our Elvis eyewear, complete with attached sideburns. And we’re getting all shook up with our Hunka Hunka Burning Love Margarita concocted with some spicy pepper-infused tequila that’s bound to leave your hips a little loose. READ MORE >>

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Oct 26, 2015 >> G&F Halloween: Divine Inspired Makeup [VIDEO]

G&F BLOG_divine inspired halloween

For Valentine Addams, the term “beauty regimen” takes a whole new meaning. The Chicago-based drag queen is a self-proclaimed boy crazy, anime-inspired, love-’em-or-leave-’em kinda gal whose makeup artistry is spot on and dramatic. Basically, she’s a bombshell with an equal mix of feminine guile, serious cosmic star power and bangin’ set of brows. Now fully realized and performing gigs in Boystown bars like Berlin and Scarlett, Valentine’s rise to drag reality was a healthy dose of fantasy and imagination as a young child. And because Halloween is always a favorite time of year on G&F—ahem, did you see our Elvis-inspired shoot recently?—we invited the seductress Valentine over to partake in some makeup fun to gear up for October 31st eve.


Inspired by drag sensation Divine, most famous for her iconic role in 1970’s cult classic Pink Flamingos, Valentine rolls out her makeup palette to share some wisdom—and some eyeshadow colors. Valentine drew inspiration from Divine’s disco-days as it was the Divine she knew of from her parent’s vinyl collection. We catch up with Valentine—post-application!—to get to know the budding talent >> READ MORE >>

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Oct 13, 2015 >> #5MinutesWith Designer Rebecca Taylor

The name Rebecca Taylor has long been synonymous with creative design that aims to accentuate the power of the female form. And the popular line’s Holiday/Winter collection stays true to plan, with the New Zealand-born designer dolling out feminine frocks for a hippy, happy season. Romantic lavender and blues anchor a stunning collection inspired by girl crush Francoise Hardy, the eclectic chanteuse whose 60’s beats were a playful balance between coquette and tomboy. Such is the mix of Rebecca’s line this season where Victorian silhouettes pair nicely with worn-in military jackets. 

G&F BLOG_5MinutesWith Rebecca Taylor

While making a whirlwind stop at Nordstrom Michigan Avenue, we caught up with the inspired designer who talks favorite Francoise Hardy songs, what’s in her travel bag and more. >>

You never loose your sense of dreamy whimsy—what’s your secret to a happy-go-lucky lifestyle?
I’m really lucky that I get to do what I love each day. Designing is my passion. And family time is extremely important to me. I believe in a work/life balance.

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Aug 26, 2015 >> GIVEAWAY: Cathay Pacific wants you!

FB_Cathay Pacific Giveaway

Name two things about why you love living in Chicago. For us, we love the foodie scene. And we love an easy way to get out of dodge for trips and travels. Good news for those who agree: there is an upcoming event that salutes both. Luckyrice, the six year strong festival that celebrates Asian food culture, teams up with A+ airline Cathay Pacific for Chicago Feast, a one-night all-out Pan-Asian taste test from the city’s top culinary talents (think Mott St to Embeya). And we want you to win tickets to the event! On us!

How to enter*, you ask?




With a daily flight between Chicago and Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific airways has always been the gold standard for traveling east—really far east, that is. Never been? Well, you’re in luck. At Chicago Feast, Cathay is offering up a chance to win two premium economy class tickets to Hong Kong. Sunda treats aside, Chicago Feast just got a little more tasty. See invite details below for more information on Chicago Feast >> READ MORE >>

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Aug 25, 2015 >> Relax, Chicago, Soothe is here

G&F BLOG_Soothe Review

It might seem like a dream—an Uber-like app dedicated to on-demand massages? Well, believe it, relaxation lovers, it’s out there and waiting for you to use. Meet Soothe, the massage-on-demand service that is aimed to deliver a licensed therapist straight to your doorstep. And this delivery is even better than late night pizza.

Already in 11 other areas, Soothe launched early this summer in the Windy City, providing Chicagoland residents a more convenient way to Ooh and Aah. We put the app to the test—tough job, don’t you think?!—to vet their I-can’t-believe-it’s-true reputation. The result? A mid-workday massage that relaxed us to the core and let us go on with our day like nothing ever happened. Total win/win here. READ MORE >>

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Aug 24, 2015 >> Fall Beauty Lineup!

As we begin to lust after the must-have fall trends, we can really appreciate a revamped look that doesn’t break the bank, but keeps us looking like a million bucks. In steps Kristina Marie Feyerherm—a Chicago makeup artists and familiar face on G&F sets—to show us how to bring the standout beauty of the runway to recreate at home.

Let us revel in the last few weeks of balmy summer weather, but not neglect the inevitable: Fall is coming. As someone who works with hundreds of products and countless name brands, Kristina is giving us just the right tips to spruce up our makeup bags to include transitional items and hot beauty trends for a new season. Below is a rundown of how to revamp your routine from warm to cool weather as makeup trends and skincare concerns transform

G&F BLOG_Fall Beauty Revamp

Kristina says: While a lightweight, SPF-laced hydrater is great on sunny days, the fall months are going to leave our complexions craving something more substantial and reparative. BELIF THE TRUE CREAM AQUA BOMB, $22 (C) is a perfect option for almost all skin types. The gel-like formula absorbs quickly while flooding the skin with plumping and cooling ingredients. It’s heavy on antioxidants to help fight the aging effects of sun exposure.

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Aug 24, 2015 >> We lather up with Soap Distillery [VIDEO]

G&F BLOG_Soap Distillery

It seems only in a land of make-believe one could enjoy an endless indulgence of crafted cocktails without ever producing a hangover. But, Danielle Martin is bringing us one step closer to this fictitious circumstance. Danielle owns Soap Distillery, a Chicago-based Etsy shop devoted to handmade bath and body products inspired by cocktails. And we promise these suds, scrubs and bubbles will never leave you smelling like a hipster barback with an affinity for Bourbon, but instead indulging your body in the sensorial experience—think vanilla, vetiver and clove.

It all started with an attraction to high end spirits and serious fatigue within the soap aisle. Frustrated with the lack of natural options, Danielle put her boozy soap ideas to the test. And well, the rest is history. Squeaky clean history, that is. Soap Distillery was born in 2012 with the goal to provide sustainable and organic products that look great, feel great and smell like an intoxicated dream. Get a peek behind the soap making process with Danielle as we talk all things boozy without the hangover.


As for the ultimate scent for fall? “I’d say, a walnut Manhattan,” says Danielle. “A manhattan with walnut bitters, and both the Fig Bitters and Bourbon soaps! Gets me right in the mood for leaves changing.” And since Danielle is not only a soap expert, but also a savvy spirit drinker, we couldn’t help but pick her brain on where to grab a cocktail in the city. She cites The Whistler as source of inspiration. “They are doing some phenomenally creative and delicious cocktails over there,” she explains.  READ MORE >>

Glossed and Found

Aug 20, 2015 >> BBQueen! #5Minutes With Leah Chavie


Smokey charcoal may be the secret to a killer brisket, or just the aroma to spiral us into summer nostalgia, but now we’re sneaking it into our skincare routine for a little R&R. With the summer-to-fall transition comes frustrating skin situations that can cause annoying breakouts and build ups. We talked to skincare guru Leah Chavie about her latest and greatest spa treatment for these warmer temps, infused with a summer essential: charcoal.

Leah Chavie’s Smokey Sulfur Treatment features a blackened mask infused with sulfur to absorb impurities your sun-kissed skin may be harboring. Not only experience a 30-minute relaxation sesh, but feel rejuvenated as Leah cleanses, tones and miraculously draws toxins out your pores for a smooth, polished complexion. Discover the many more benefits of charcoal below as Leah sounds off on her favorite products, and other expert tips to keep you skin so fresh this summer it needs #nofilter. READ MORE >>

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Jul 17, 2015 >> Make This! Dreamcatcher How-To

G&F BLOG_sarah sands dreamcatcher

Harking back to Native American cultures, Sin Clarity Clothing’s Sarah Sands is bringing the dreamcatcher back. Although we venture to think: has it ever really gone away? The iconic colors and styles are a mainstay for creative artisans and fashion designers alike—did you see KTZ’s fall winter collection?!—but perhaps the most powerful aspect is the story behind the craft. Native American fable has it that dreamcatchers fend off bad energy by snaring nightmares in the web.

“Customers always ask if they work,” says Sarah smiling. While she neither confirms nor denies the magical properties of her handmade dreamcatchers, one thing is guaranteed: they’re damn good looking. And they became part of Sarah’s business serendipitously. When a trade show booth of hers needed some sprucing up, guests kept asking to purchase her last-minute decor: dreamcatchers of all shapes and sizes.


Now she is weaving 10 to 15 a week as a fun, quirky sidekick to her gypsy-driven, indie line. G&F recently invited Sarah with all her bells and baubles to our Freehand Chicago lock-in to teach her webbing ways. The dreamcatchers, secondary as they may be to her main line, have a cult following all their own. READ MORE >>

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May 27, 2015 >> A Cape Cod Extra: Jobi Pottery [VIDEO]

G&F BLOG_cape cod feature_jobi pottery

Souvenirs come in all shapes and sizes, but Jobi Pottery brings a delightful story to travel treasures. Founded in 1953 by Joe Colliano and Bill Hastings—get it? Jo-Bi?—Jobi Pottery keeps it local and handmade. Each piece is created on the premises, painted freehand and fired in their pottery barn. We took a studio tour and talked all things pottery with owner Susan Kurtzman.



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May 27, 2015 >> The 76 Main Course

G&F BLOG_76 Main Breakfast

G&F headed East for our Summer Travel Issue to New England’s quintessential seaport town, Nantucket. We shacked up at 76 Main, one of many charming Mr & Mrs Smith properties dotted along the East Coast. Steps away from the historic downtown, 76 Main is a window into the very picturesque life on island. We relied on the hotel’s good sleeps and morning eats to get us prepared for the adventures around the island. Our jaws dropped—and mouths watered!—when we saw the Cafe’s breakfast bar spread. From Berry Chia Oats (E) to Rosemary Walnut Scones (D), the curated small plates take the grandma vibe out of traditional B&B breakfasts.  READ MORE >>

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May 27, 2015 >> Shuck Yes! Live Like a Local at Big Rock Oyster [VIDEO]

G&F BLOG_big rock oysters

Move over lobsta lovers, we’re getting to know the other seafood star of the Cape. As part of The Platinum Pebble’s Live Like a Local packages (read more here), we took an excursion to Big Rock Oyster. Just a hop down the road from the stylish boutique inn’s cozy digs in West Harwich is a whole other world of bivalve-loving industry. And why is innkeeper Mike Hogan so passionate about offering unique off-the-beaten-path? “I love to set guests up with a perfect day on Cape Cod and introduce them to what we love so much about the area,” says Mike. A trip to Big Rock is no exception. And we hear the package is finished off with an oyster and wine pairing tasting at local eatery The Oyster House.



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May 27, 2015 >> Sister Act! The Cape’s Artichoke is a hit [VIDEO]

G&F BLOG_cape cod artichoke boutique

Sisters Kate and Lizzy Escher made their dreams come true when they opened their clothing studio, ARTichoke. There was no place they would rather be dishing out the goods than right on the Cape. The dynamic duo calls Cape Cod home having been raised in the area. “The Cape community is a very strong one,” says Kate, “They have your back and we are so lucky to be part of it.” They bring together the love of their surroundings and life experiences to create silkscreened designs on vintage-soft tees. And they sell like hotcakes from their charming Eastham boutique right off Route 6, the main artery of the Cape.



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May 18, 2015 >> Sneak a Peek! Nantucket + Cape Cod [VIDEO]

Summertime brings on three things: unfortunate tan lines, way too many white wine spritzers, and inspired road trips. Lucky for you, our next trip is all about the latter. We teamed up with Mr & Mrs Smith again—remember our last fun romp in Miami’s new buzzing Mid-Beach area?—to bring you a travel issue with a lot of East Coast style.

From learning all about oysters—and slurping down too many to even recall!—to the stylish haunts of the area’s best and brightest, we’re sharing a road map to all things cool on the fabled Nantucket and Cape Cod.

The Nantucket + Cape Cod travel issue launches Wednesday, May 27th. Follow our creative director on instagram for fun behind the scenes look at the making of the issue.

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May 15, 2015 >> Backstage of Chicago Shakes’ Sense and Sensibility [VIDEO]

G&F BLOG_sense and sensibility chicago shakespeare theater

Hello, young lovers! The Chicago Shakespeare Theatre is all about romance this month as they debut a world premiere musical based off of Jane Austen’s intimate love story Sense and Sensibility. And at the heart of the sweet story—don’t worry, we won’t judge you if you’ve only pretended to read the book—are veteran actresses Megan McGinnis and Sharon Rietkerk.

Megan’s portrayl of the hopeless romantic Marianne and Sharon’s more straight-laced Elinor give composer Paul Gordon’s stunning score life and lyricism—and chemistry to boot! Playing the opposites-attract Dashwood sisters as they navigate the throes of love (and passion!) in the show has been an easy transformation as the two actresses have shared the stage as siblings in the past. “It’s easy playing the sister to this one,” Sharon says of working with Megan, ”And the best part? There’s no drama!”



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May 12, 2015 >> #5MinutesWith with Maxine Hair Whisperer

G&F BLOG_Maxine Tecni.Art

The Gold Coast’s hair haven? Maxine, of course. The outpost of cool since the mid-80’s, housed in that shimmering white brick building on coveted Rush Street, constantly pushes the envelope by providing the most trend-driven do’s that translate from runway to realway with an ease that only a seasoned pro knows how to achieve. And how is this done? At the in-the-know helm is creative director Amy Abramite. Her press hits read like a rolodex of today’s most sought after glossies: Allure, W, Glamour and Marie Claire, to name a few of the heavy hitters.

Amy’s newest weapon in the fight for good hair? A brand new line of L’Oreal Professionnel which launched at Maxine earlier this month (and it goes without saying that it’s the first and only Chicago salon to carry the coveted line). Test driven on the Fashion Week runways and Hollywood sets, Tecni.ART is a range of 16 products aimed at delivering the most wearable, malleable and immensely chic coifs around.


“I love Tecni.ART because it immediately builds full-bodied textured looks on freshly clean hair,” Amy says. “Whereas most of my clients have to work their hair a few days with multiple hair products to achieve their desired texture, Tecni.ART gives me perfect results on day one.” Amy waxes supreme about one of her favorite trends of the moments: the 1970’s style.

Dish it: who is your 70’s inspired hair muse?
Stevie Nicks is my absolute favorite 70’s icon with her feminine, gypsy-inspired, psychedelic style. Her multi-layered cut gave her massive movement and a softness around her face that looked casually effortless no matter which way her hair fell.  READ MORE >>

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Apr 20, 2015 >> Cara Hotz on Club Lago

We fell in love with Cara Hotz’ no-fuss philosophy on fashion. In short: it’s not what you wear that makes you who you are. And what a perfectly timed sentiment for our most recent Spring Fashion kick-off issue featuring a Marilyn Monroe-meets-Madonna inspired beauty strutting the latest trends in the most confident tone (you can see it here).

Cara’s style thinking also extends way past the body—her 360 view on personal style is all about everything that surrounds you. In her G&F Spotlight, she sounds off on Club Lago, River North’s frozen-in-time joint that has inspired her for years. We asked Cara to share a signature look for the Italian eatery >>

G&F BLOG_Cara Hotz Style Club Lago


Want more Cara? Click here

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Apr 20, 2015 >> Meet FashioNext [VIDEO]

G&F BLOG_FashioNext

Watch out Tim Gunn, we might just have found your next Project Runway star. Chicago History Museum’s sixth annual fashion design contest brings ten teams of aspiring designers from Chicago area high schools together. The challenge? To create a garment inspired by Chicago Styled: Fashioning The Magnificent Mile. With the help of a mentor from the fashion community, each team has been working together over the past few months to debut their piece at the FashioNext Finale.



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Mar 30, 2015 >> #5MinutesWith Amanda Bonnell of Audrey Grant

G&F BLOG_amanda bonnell glossed & gowned feature

As owner of Belle Vie Bridal, Amanda Bonnell knows a thing or two about helping women fall in love. She’s helped women say yes to the dress and has been perfecting the luxury bridal experience for 10 years. Now, Amanda’s taking her expertise to launch Audrey Grant, a new line of couture wedding and special occasion gowns exclusive to her store.

Known for creating the longest and leanest silhouettes, her couture pieces for clients all have one thing in common: creating maximum height and length. Amanda credits her sixth grade growth spurt as the moment she became mindful of minimizing her stature. She explains, It’s all about making the smallest you. Amanda created Audrey Grant to be separates featuring 6 bodices and 6 skirts with a multitude of join line options. Her custom separates can create 99 options for dresses (i.e. something for everyone). Read on as we dish #5MinutesWith the bridal expert to learn about the art of proportions and the color that looks good on all.

How does your personal taste influence the collection?
My taste in fashion is iconic and doesn’t follow trends. There is no beading. No lace. It’s all about the line and the workmanship. I look to houses like J. Mendel and Amsale who create perfection in contouring, draping and seaming. That’s the design I emulate. The more simple the gown, the more precise? That’s beauty in design.  READ MORE >>

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Mar 4, 2015 >> Sneak Peek: Miami Beach Travel Getaway

We kicked our snow boots to the curb—seriously, sayonara!—to head south to Miami Beach for our annual Winter Weekend Getaway issue. The glittering jewel on the Atlantic Ocean, Miami welcomed us with open arms. For a week, we holed up at the Thompson Hotel Miami Beach—thanks to Mr & Mrs Smith’s Flee the Frost promo (check out details here).

From our chic perch at the cozy Mid-century designed boutique hotel, we welcomed a host of colorful Miami-based personalities that talked with us about their city’s style, fun-in-the-sun and inspiration. Here’s a little taste to tide you over—the full issue launches in all its sunny glory next Wednesday, March 11th.

Until then, follow our creative director on instagram for behind the scenes from our time in Miami.

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Feb 25, 2015 >> San Fran via Patrick Cullen of Presidio

G&F BLOG_Patrick Cullen Presidio San Francisco Favorites

We put the spotlight on Patrick Cullen, the owner behind Bucktown’s newest cocktail bar Presidio. And since his neighborhood—yet oh so chic!—joint pays homage to his love of the San Francisco Bay area, we couldn’t help but pick his foodie brain on where to sip, snack and indulge on the West Coast.

With many family members tied to the hospitality industry in San Francisco, Patrick recalls visiting his family members’ restaurants in the Bay Area as some of the highlights of his youth. Taking Midwest-roots and West Coast appreciation, he gives us a kick-ass list of bars and restaurants that will come in handy next time we find ourselves strolling the rolling streets of San Fran. Follow along below for some serious pro-tips and guide to your tastiest West Coast trip.  READ MORE >>

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Feb 25, 2015 >> Recipe Swap! Cat De Orio’s Pasta Puttanesca

G&F BLOG_Catherine Pasta Recipe

Foodie expert Cat De Orio is at our house and sharing some of our tastiest—and easiest!—recipes. We love this simple pasta dish so much that it’s become a regular in our dinner rotation during the week. So what are you waiting for? Learn this super simple recipe that’s bound to impress whoever you’re wining and dining for the night. Meet Pasta Puttanesca.  READ MORE >>

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Feb 23, 2015 >> We DIY Pasties with Frenchie Kiss [VIDEO]

G&F BLOG_Frenchie Kiss Pastie Making

Even though Valentine’s Day is over, we’re still celebrating Love Month on G&F! And what better way to spread the L-O-V-E than to invite a new friend over to our house and take our tops off. Literally. We’re learning all about the tantalizing art of burlesque pastie making in this fun and flirty DIY. Miss Frenchie Kiss aka The Temptress of Twirl takes us step-by-step on how to make the sassy and brassy accoutrement. This Burlesque Hall of Famer knows a thing or two about Oh La La’s, so she’s giving serious pointers on how to be a whirling showstopper. And according to Frechie, the only rule of burlesque pastie making is more sequins! You still might be thinking you read pastry, but drop the r—and your top!—for our most cheeky DIY video yet! Watch the video and follow the instructions below to tease and titillate like you’ve never done before.



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Feb 20, 2015 >> Snag the Look: #GFxTOPSHOP

G&F BLOG_GFxTOPSHOP Valentine's Day Makeup

It may be in the single digit temperatures in Chicago, but that didn’t stop us from channeling Spring vibes for our annual #GFxTOPSHOP Valentine’s Day event. Before thirty of our favorite girl crushes flocked to Fig & Olive, we primped our models for a fashion presentation showcasing one of our favorite spring color trends for fashion: white, blush and nudes.


And on the face? Camped out in Dorothy & Delora make up studio, Goldplaited artists Kristin Andersson and Megan Holinger set to work to create a sultry and sweet look for Ford models Asia and Stasia. The result? A nod to the 1960’s focused on the eye, a glossy lip and clean, fresh skin. This change of pace couldn’t have come at a better time. “Our clients have been gravitating toward matte skin and deep red lips this winter,” says Goldplaited cofounder Mal Strong, “and we couldn’t be more excited for dewey skin and pastels!”  READ MORE >>