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Mar 24, 2017 >> Learn to Make The Blood Orange Lemonade

With spring right around the corner—hello sips and snacks al fresco!—we’re in desperate need of a cocktail that’s in season right now and gets us inspired for the many patio hangs, BBQs and rooftop fun the warm weather has to promise. Enter MASTER OF MIXES. You know them. You’ve seen them. And most likely: You like them. A lot. Master of Mixes is the colorful company behind your favorite grocery store mixers, and now they’re making it easier than ever to swizzle up the freshest drinks with their online cocktail bible, We put it to the test with an easy-peasy BLOOD ORANGE LEMONADE cocktail perfect for spring.

Mixology Pro by Master of Mixes gives you all the inspiration, ingredients and tricks you need to take your at-home cocktail to the next level. Mixology guru and Director of Beverage Applications Dean Serneels transforms these store-bought mixers into creative cocktail designs. With over 45 flavors, there are endless possibilities with Master of Mixes’ one-step mixers. When you’re looking to elevate your spirits further, Dean recommends putting a little time into a cocktail that looks good, too—think glassware and seasoned rims!

“Funneling margaritas into mini milk bottles with decorative straws or pouring a Freshly Minted cocktail in a mason jar make the drinking experience unique,” explains Dean. “When it comes to the drink rim, I like to mix it up with unique sweet and salty flavors. You can even rim your glass with a dusting of cocoa powder for your next Martini!”



Glossed and Found

Mar 21, 2017 >> Backstage of Destiny of Desire

Destiny of Desire begins on a stormy night in small town Mexico. Two baby girls are born into two very different worlds—one to privilege and one to poverty—but then are secretly switched. And so begins a wild romp of a musical play that leaves the audience Ooh-ing, Aah-ing and desperately leaving wanting more. And the star of the show? It’s the generous, tongue-in-cheek nod to the classic telenovela in its most vibrant, celebrated form.

With twists and turns—and the occasional rewind!—Destiny of Desire honors the Latin American art form that has achieved global notoriety. We went backstage at the Goodman theatre to talk with Destiny of Desire stars Esperanza America and Ella Saldana North on how everyone can relate to life feeling like a soap opera, and what you might expect from this fast-paced, quick-witted musical production.



Glossed and Found

Mar 20, 2017 >> Jessica Murnane’s Mexican Fried Rice Nachos

Here at G&F, our love for JESSICA MURNANE knows no bounds. We’ve whipped up a plant-based Grasshopper Pie with this green goddess, and she’s even guided us through a smoothie bootcamp back in the day. And now—finally!—Jessica is sharing all her palate-pleasing, taste bud-exploding and good-for-the-soul recipes to the masses with her new cookbook ONE PART PLANT: A Simple Guide to Eating Real, One Meal at a Time. Follow along as we talk the healing power of food, why eating plant-based meals isn’t about what you can’t have and how to make nachos One Part Plant-style.

For Jessica, who lives with endometriosis—a chronic and painful condition that affects women’s reproductive health—choosing a plant-based lifestyle was a last-ditch attempt to avoid a hysterectomy. She said bye to her Sour Patch Kids, Diet Coke and Lean Cuisines. And after a couple weeks of eating plant-based, whole foods, Jessica’s symptoms subsided. It wasn’t easy, she explains, but it worked! The One Part Plant cookbook isn’t just about plant-based recipes, it’s a real story about real food and the ability to transform your life from the inside out.

If you’re looking for a catch, there isn’t one. One Part Plant creates a dialogue about what food can do for you. It’s not a diet. It’s not a strict regimen. It’s not about what you can and cannot have. Jessica’s call to action is quite simple: one plant-based meal a day. Jessica’s book gives you a hot sheet of everything your pantry needs to get started, like nuts, seeds, grains and legumes. And it shows you how to have the most delicious, fun and healthy eats you’ve ever tasted.



Glossed and Found

Mar 2, 2017 >> Frutas of the Loom [VIDEO]

We’re taking back the often neglected all-inclusive resort this G&F Travel Issue south of the border. We landed in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico at the Sandos Caracol Eco Resort where our relaxing getaway was woven in with Mayan and Mexican culture. This sustainably-driven resort promises to work alongside the Mayan community to celebrate traditions and support their towns. The resort grants space to Maya artists free of charge to sell their crafts to guests. Sandos Caracol is committed to this initiative which benefits the communities and promotes a direct relationship with the people and culture of this region of the world. And that’s how we found a Mexican staple and beloved souvenir. Augustin creates textiles using traditional looming techniques on site at Sandos Caracol. We got a behind the seams look into the heart and soul of the vibrant textiles of the region.


“This is the region of Mexico that created the shawls known asrebozos, the best rebozos in the world,” explains loom shop manager Antonio Gomez. “They were striving for a way to make a wider fabric without needing any seams, to make products like blankets, tablecloths, and all those kinds of woven items.” READ MORE >>

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Mar 2, 2017 >> Go South of the Border with G&F!

Viva the All-Inclusive! We packed our bags and hopped the proverbial wall to visit our friendly neighbors in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Staking claim at the uber-lush SANDOS CARACOL ECO RESORT, we unpacked our bags, throwing ourselves head-first into fun in the sun. Speaking for the jet-set, ‘grammin’ travelers out there, many people feel trapped at the all-inclusive resorts, but Sandos Caracol is a getaway into the local culture of Playa and beyond. READ MORE >>

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Mar 2, 2017 >> Let’s Get Burrito Loco! [VIDEO]

We’re making a case for the all-inclusive resort this G&F Travel Issue. We headed south to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico where we shacked up at the Sandos Caracol Eco Resort for some serious fun in the sun. At Sandos Caracol, they’re all about putting their own spin on things. Cue the Burrito Loco. A redux of a traditional Mexican cocktail named Jarrito Loco, this sweet and tangy drink gets a fun makeover with the literal translation carved into fruit. Follow along with this wacky drink recipe and get a little cheesy with us at this all-inclusive gem.


Did you know the direct translation of burrito in Spanish is little donkey? The Burrito Loco cocktail consists of tequila, mezcal, lime juice, orange juice, grapefruit soda and chamoy placed within a donkey head fruit sculpture. Wacky, weird and fun—yes! And that’s kind of what an all-inclusive is all about. It’s a reminder that sometimes just showing up with an open mind can be the best type of getaway.  READ MORE >>

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Feb 8, 2017 >> A Cupcake Bouquet DIY [VIDEO]

It’s the season of L-O-V-E! And here at G&F, we believe the best way to celebrate your sweetheart—or sweethearts!—is with some scrumptious sweets. We enlisted the help of the Nicole Triebe, a.k.a the WINDY CITY DINNER FAIRY, to bake up some magic and transform a basic batch of cupcakes into a work of heart for Valentine’s Day. Instead of over-the-top kitsch, Nicole teaches us a little bit of cake art with a beautiful hydrangea cupcake bouquet.

This Valentine-themed masterpiece is a perfect example of Nicole’s knack for edible art. From working as a paralegal to studying pâtisserie arts, Nicole realized that her true passion was in the creation of beautiful cakes. In 2010 she started Windy City Dinner Fairy, serving as a catering company prior to establishing herself as a cake artist in 2014. We guarantee you’ll fall even more in love with her Instagram, full of colorful cakes and buttercream dreams! READ MORE >>

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Jan 25, 2017 >> The ABC’s of G&F [VIDEO]

So you may be asking yourself: “What is G&F’s modus operandi for the new year?” Our answer: The same damn thing we’ve been doing for the last five years—celebrating FUN. And in the process of searching for stylish jubilation, we meet the most interesting people along the way. From the far reaches of our G&F Travel features to Chicago heroes, who we cover share their diverse stories and distinct personalities with us creating G&F’s multicultural platform that aims to uplift and inspire. Oh, and make ’em laugh, too. We walk through THE ABC’S OF G&F for you—classic Glossed & Found fun, from A to Z!

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Dec 27, 2016 >> It’s the Best of 2016!

How do you spell Glossed & Found? F-U-N. That’s how. We’re looking back on a whole year of good times, great people and undeniable G&F style to boot. Meet THE G&F BEST OF 2016 With a nod to Josephine Baker in our Spring fashion feature to the groovy beats of the British Invasion for Fall, our fashion sets this year were a playground for uber-creatives. Mix this with wacky and touching interviews from all across the city, and you’ve got yourself a formula for curing what ails you.

And G&F travel, too! From a trip to tropical Charleston, mystic New Mexico and the indestructible Detroit, we’ve scoured the U.S for the most authentic people to share through the G&F lens. 2016, we had one hell of a ride with you. But all good things must come to an end. Enjoy a look back at a round-up of our favorite moments of an epic year. And do not fret—we’ve got another year of classic G&F style, fun and savoir-faire waiting for you in 2017.

Want more? Visit the G&F Lookbook for a look back at 2016’s features.